Since opening in 2018, Bamboo Insurance has been committed to transforming the insurance industry. John Chu, founder and CEO of Bamboo, worked in insurance for many years prior to starting Bamboo. During that time, he noticed that most of the big insurance companies were still using processes and systems dating all the way back to when the industry came into existence, almost 300 years ago. For customers, this meant the same services problems and issues, particularly high insurance costs, for decades. This is when the idea for Bamboo was born. 

Bamboo Insurance’s History and Goals

As mentioned above, John Chu isn’t new to insurance. While working in the field, he saw firsthand how many of the large insurance companies were using outdated systems, leaving customers with high insurance costs and less than perfect service. 

John, along with eight other insurance industry veterans, began to look for ways to make the entire insurance experience more pleasant and smooth. They didn’t intend to reinvent the wheel, instead they wanted to make it better. By June 2018, Bamboo had been launched.

Today, their goal is simple. They want to make it easier for customers to find the insurance they need at a price they can afford. To do this, they put their customers first, eliminating any barriers to insurance coverage and offering flexible services. They consider transparency to be crucial to their success.

An Overview

Bamboo’s speciality is property and speciality property insurance. Despite being a new company, they are backed by some of the property insurance industry’s largest organizations, including Cape Analytics, Palomar, Snapsheet, and Sutton National.

Bamboo’s overall goal is to be completely different from the traditional insurance market. 

To set themselves apart, Bamboo utilizes technology to engage customers and drive them towards the insurance they need. 

Bamboo insurance policies are personalized and offer customers a low monthly payment and an array of payment schedules to choose from. 


Bamboo offers personal home insurance throughout the state of California and boasts almost 50,000 customers with $50 million in premiums written.

Due to the January 2021 acquisition of First American Property and Casualty Insurance Agency by Bamboo, they will soon be operating in every state except Alaska and Hawaii.


Bamboo offers several insurance products, including:

  • Homeowners Insurance – This policy protects homeowners from the loss of their home and personal property. It may also cover some damages or injuries to a third party when the homeowner is determined to be liable. 
  • Earthquake Insurance – This is supplemental protection that ensures protection against property damage that occurs as a result of an earthquake (and is not included in the traditional homeowner policy).
  • Flood Insurance – This is supplemental protection that protects homes in areas prone to flooding. It includes damages caused by rising water that are not included in the traditional homeowner policy.
  • Personal Umbrella – This liability coverage covers claims that exceed the amount of the regular home and personal property insurance, as well as some damages or injuries to third parties if the homeowner is determined to be liable. 
  • Renters Insurance – This is crucial for someone who is living on someone else’s property. It includes losses due to certain natural disasters, vandalism, theft, and bodily injury. 
  • Commercial Insurance – This covers a business owner’s property, including commercial vehicles and E&O, as well as general liability and personal liability. 
  • Condominium Insurance – This is designed for condo owners, whether they are a member of an HOA or not, and includes protection against personal property losses and repair costs.
  • Automobile Insurance – This type of coverage protects against damages to a vehicle someone owns or is driving, along with losses that occur while operating a personal vehicle.

Bamboo Rates

In some cases, Bamboo’s policies may be slightly more than other insurers. However, Bamboo is committed to helping customers get the lowest possible rate, so they always have options available. This includes offering a variety of discounts, which may be combined, allowing for lower annual costs.

Bamboo agents work diligently with customers to find the best coverage and rates, which is why they have so many customers who renew their policy every year. 

Bamboo Customer Service 

Bamboo is dedicated to transparency and offering exceptional customer service. They follow four fundamental premises:

  • Transparency – This is intended to make certain all customers understand their coverage with no deception or tricks. Customers should 100% understand the type of coverage they have, their deductible amount, coverage limits, and anything that may be excluded from coverage.
  • Support and service – Customers receive tremendous support and service. 
  • Ease – Bamboo has a “best-in-class” operating system that utilizes the latest technology, making it easy for customers and agents to use.
  • Quality, affordable insurance – Flexible coverage options and affordable prices ensure Bamboo can meet the needs of all types of customers. 

Bamboo’s Website

Current and potential customers can visit the company website to get quotes, make payments, file a claim after an incident, or explore Traders insurance coverage programs. Customers can also find the answer to many of their questions by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page or directly contacting an agent. 

Final Thoughts

Bamboo Insurance is determined to make the insurance experience as seamless and easy as possible. Despite being a newer agency, Bamboo has managed to gain the backing of many prestigious organizations within the property insurance industry, which is certainly a good sign.

In addition, their commitment to transparency sets them apart from the competition. This allows Bamboo’s agents to find the best coverage for each individual customers and make certain they know all the ins and outs of their policy. 

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