Used but Genuine Spare Parts Can be Answer to High Prices

Anyone in possession of a car understands the fact that sooner or later they are going to face the grim reality of wear and tear. Modern cars are a marvel of complex engineering and are comprised of thousands of independent parts that perform like clockwork to help the car function perfectly. Those parts work under all sorts of weather conditions and bear extreme performance pressure. The possibility of those parts faltering at some point is imminent. 

It is important that when such a problem arise and your vehicle is stopped in its track, you should know where to get the replacement parts from and how can you get the parts that are the best replacement choice. Saving your money is also another important aspect of the replacement process. There is a vast variety of car spare parts available in the market and their quality differs and so are the prices. Buying a perfect replacement part becomes a minefield and one must understand the intricacies and technicalities of each spare part and its functions. To clarify further, we can categorize the spare parts into 3 main types that we explain underneath. 

Genuine Parts

When a vehicle is rolled off the manufacturer’s production line, all the parts that are on the vehicle are called genuine parts. These parts usually have the markings of the manufacturers and are produced to the exact specifications required by the specific model of the vehicle. Those parts may have come from a third party as well but as long this third party is employed by the original manufacturer, these parts are classified as genuine.  

OEM Parts

OEM stands for an original equipment manufacturer. This is pretty much self-explanatory. Those parts are manufactured by the same manufacturer who produced your vehicle. These parts are guaranteed to fit your vehicle perfectly and the quality is the same as it is on your original vehicle. Most of the time and OEM part is manufactured by a third-party manufacturer under the instruction of the original manufacturer. Those parts may not have a warranty from the manufacturer but the warranty is from the third party. However, you can rest assured that you are getting the same quality as the genuine part from your vehicle manufacturer. 

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts are made by manufacturers other than the original or OEM as an inexpensive substitute to save money. It is not entirely correct to brand the OEM parts as low-quality parts. Most of the registered aftermarket parts manufacturers acquire the template or pattern of the OEM to enable themselves to produce close to genuine parts and replicate their quality as well. 

However, there is a high demand in the auto markets for replacement parts that are cheaper and this drives manufacturers to lower the quality and produce sub-par quality spare parts. These parts may save money but are not beneficial in the longer run. 

Genuine Second Hand or Reconditioned parts

While all the above options that we have discussed are brand new parts, it is beneficial to know that used or reconditioned parts are a great option to know about. There is a way that you can get genuine spare parts that are originally made by the manufacturer of your vehicle and save lots of money. Those parts are taken from the totalled or salvaged car and sometimes are taken from the cars that are specially purchased to provide used parts. 

The upside of purchasing those parts is that you do not have to spend a fortune to acquire genuine spare parts and the genuine parts are available on the cheap. Sometimes those parts are just used parts taken from the donor vehicle and presented straight to the sale racks however, sometimes the parts are reconditioned to make them even better. You can purchase either of those parts and still save money when compared to the brand-new parts. 

Best and Most Economical Place to Purchase Parts

While we have ascertained that the used parts are a brilliant option to acquire second-hand genuine parts at cheap prices, it is important to know which is the best place to purchase them as well. 

You can start from the local auto parts market that store many parts but the problem with that is that it is difficult to visit each shop in the market and it is time-consuming. There is not much choice when you are just limited to a few shops. Extreme weather is another problem that stops you from doing due diligence. 

E-commerce has emerged as a great source of finding and purchasing used spare parts and there is way more choice online as you can choose from the thousands of used parts outlets all over Canada. There are reputable websites such as Partfinder Canada that manage huge networks of trusted and verified used and second-hand spare parts sellers who are always eager to help. 

It is easy to purchase online. All you need to do is just fill out the online form and mention the part that you require. The online system would recognize the exact part and provide you with all the results. You can choose according to your requirements. 

Save Up to 60% with Customer Satisfaction

When you decide to purchase used or reconditioned parts instead of brand-new ones, you are certain to save up to 60%. Prices of the brand-new genuine parts are comparatively much higher. Most of the reputed online platforms provide a warranty depending on the condition and the price of the parts. This gives the customers complete satisfaction and confidence to come back for more. 

Spare Parts at your Doorstep

While the conventional way of purchasing parts requires you to visit the shops and buy the parts there and then. It also means that you have to bring the parts yourself. If you buy the parts online then you can have the parts delivered to your doorstep. You can stay in the safety of your home and find your required spare part, choose from a vast choice, make the purchase and then sit back and relax. You can receive the part within a few days at your doorstep.

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