CCNP Enterprise replaced CCNP Routing and Switching. CCNP Enterprise certification requires one core exam and one enterprise focus exam.

What Does a CCNP Do?

CCNP Enterprise is a prestigious tech credential. This certification shows employers you can design, develop, configure, and troubleshoot enterprise networks. CCNP Enterprise certifies you as a network engineer, systems engineer, support engineer, or network technician.

How Much Can You Make with a CCNP?

CCNP has several job titles and characteristics including geography and experience. A CCNP Enterprise can earn $50,000 to $100,000 per year. With CCNP Enterprise certification, you can get more jobs and make more money.

What is the Difference Between a CCNA and a CCNP?

Cisco CCNA is a popular entry-level networking certification that requires one exam. The CCNA exam helps beginners operate IT equipment. The Cisco CCNP Enterprise certification requires a deeper understanding of today’s complex network technologies. Two tests are required.

Can I do CCNP without CCNA?

Absolutely. The new testing approach has no specified requirements for the CCNP Enterprise exam. Although CCNA certification isn’t required, candidates should be tech-savvy.

CCNP Enterprise Exams

In addition to the core exam, applicants for CCNP Enterprise must pass one of six concentration examinations. These tests include cutting-edge, sector-specific topics such network architecture, SD-WAN, wireless, and automation. Every CCNP Enterprise test results in a Specialist certification, recognizing your efforts.

 Required Core exam:

Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies 350-401 (ENCOR) certifies your knowledge of enterprise infrastructure, including dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture, virtualization, infrastructure, network assurance, security, and automation. This exam certifies you as a Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation.

Concentration exams (choose one):

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services 300-410 (ENARSI) exam assesses your knowledge of the deployment and troubleshooting of advanced routing technologies and services such EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, and MPLS. By passing this test, candidates can get the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation certification.

The Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions 300-415 (ENSDWI) exam measures your understanding of Cisco’s SD-WAN solution, including SD-WAN architecture, controller deployment, edge router deployment, security, multicast, as well as management and operation. After passing this exam, you will receive the Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise SD-WAN Implementation certificate.

The Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks 300-420 (ENSLD) exam measures your comprehension of enterprise design, including advanced addressing and routing solutions, advanced enterprise campus networks, wide area network (WAN), security services, network services, and software defined access (SDA). After passing this test, you’ll also get your Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Design credential.

The Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks 300-425 (ENWLSD) exam assesses your knowledge of wireless network design, including site inspections, wired and wireless architecture, mobility, and WLAN high availability. By passing this exam, you can earn the title of Cisco Certified Specialist in Enterprise Wireless Design.

The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks 300-430 (ENWLSI) exam assesses your knowledge of the installation of wireless networks, including FlexConnect, QoS, multicast, advanced location services, monitoring, and device hardening. By passing this test, you can get the title of Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Wireless Implementation.

The Automating and Programming Cisco Enterprise Solutions 300-435 (ENAUTO) exam assesses your knowledge of creating enterprise automated solutions, covering programming concepts, python programming, APIs, controllers, and automation tools. If you pass this exam, you will receive the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – Enterprise Automation and Programmability credential.

CCNP Enterprise Exam Prep

One of the best ways to prepare for the CCNP certification is to pass the Cisco CCNA exam first. Although passing this exam is not required, doing so will greatly improve your technological knowledge of the topics included in the Cisco CCNP. You should use a combination of Pluralsight courses, Cisco technical publications, configuration manuals, and real-world experienceto strengthen your understanding of the more difficult concepts included in the Enterprise examinations.

Pluralsight Courses

Pluralsight offers in-depth study programs for many of the CCNP Enterprise exams. These courses will give you the technical expertise and information you need to pass the Cisco CCNP Enterprise ENCOR exam plus a number of the concentration exams. These initiatives include:

  • Cisco ENCOR for CCNP Enterprise
  • Cisco ENSLD for CCNP Enterprise
  • Cisco ENWLSD for CCNP Enterprise
  • Cisco ENAUTO for Certified DevNet Professional and CCNP Enterprise

Practicing for the Exam

Getting hands-on experience is possible through a work test bed, simulation, paying lab providers for lab time, setting up a home lab, or scheduling Cisco cloud lab resource access using DevNet Sandbox. Cloud-based DevNet Sandboxes offer free, almost-instantaneous, fully programmable environments that may be customized. Because the tools can be used and the practice may be permitted during working hours, some current engineers have access to work test beds, which makes life a little easier. Home laboratories can be a great substitute, despite being pricy and difficult to duplicate. complex network infrastructures. The Cisco VIRL simulator is an exception tool that uses the same operating systems as actual switches and routers.


Someone once told me that when it comes to Cisco CCNP exams, “they don’t give them away.” The difficulty of exams varies, but they are all valuable. A Cisco certification exam preparation strategy is very individualized and greatly impacted by the time and resources available. At his level of certification, we must be knowledgeable about the data, able to configure it, and able to understand how to troubleshoot it. Once you’re ready, put out your best effort. If worse comes to worst, redesign and try again. Tenacity, optimism, and persistence are the keys to passing Cisco exams.

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