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The Best Types Of Ice Cream Cakes For All Your Summer Celebrations

Summer is finally here! Time to shed all the warm layers and party in the lightest possible clothes is here. Summer is the best time of the year, you can go out in anything, the weather is excellent, and you can have all the ice cream in the world! Yes, ice cream is the best dessert ever and the best part of summer! One can never have enough of this delicious delicacy, and for added joy, this frozen goodness is now available as a cake. Ice cream cakes, one of the best creations of the universe, can easily be bought and whichever shop sells them is the best cake shop as per us!

Summer is full of celebrations, and dainty ice cream cakes would make your celebrations extra special. But now the question arises which cake flavour should you go for, just like standard cake, there are tons of flavours of ice cream cakes that are suitable for different types of celebrations. So, to help you more with your decision, here is a detailed list of all the flavours from which you can take your pick right away!

Choco Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cake

Who doesn’t like chocolate chip cookies? This one thing is capable of making you happier than ever, and now this mouthwatering dessert is available in cake form. The cookie crumbs make the base of the cake, the centre layer consists of delicious chocolate cake, and the top is of frosty delightful ice cream. You can go for whichever flavour you want, but we would recommend going for chocolate or vanilla as they taste absolutely scrumptious with this cake.

Meringue Ice Cream Cake with Raw Berries

A unique name, and it sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Meringue cake is mainly made with egg whites and sugar to give a smushy and fluffy texture. The cake is made with fluffy Meringue and yummy vanilla ice cream, and then it is garnished with juicy berries of all kinds. This cake is what the exotic ice cream experience is all about. A protip from our end is that add a little berry syrup on top of the cake to make it even more delicious.

Hot Fudge Sunday Ice Cream Cake

The perfect combo of hot and cold, The hot fudge sundae cake is a dessert that tastes like holidays. With mouthwatering cookie crumbs, crunchy chocolate, and delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream, this cake will make you feel like you wanna drop everything and have it on a beach while soaking in the sun; living the best summer of your life- all in one slice!

Nutella & Chocolate Wafer Ice Cream Cake

Love wafers and waffles, then you will fall for this cake right away! A combination of world-famous Nutella and chocolate that the whole world loves, this ice cream cake is genuinely made with everything excellent and lip-smacking. This crunchy cake is perfect for your weekend brunch when you wanna have the best time with your favourite peps!

Cassata Ice Cream Cake

Get ready to lose yourself in a traditional Argentinian cake made with dainty cake, lip-smacking vanilla and chocolate ice cream, tons of crunchy pistachios, and dried fruits. The Cassata ice cream cake is a delicacy that is nothing less than a blessing to the world, and when it is in cake form, you wouldn’t want anything else for your birthday!

S’mores Ice Cream Cake

S’mores is deliciousness at another level! Delish marshmallows coated in tempting chocolate and crackers, yum! Even the mention is enough to make one’s mouth water, and when placing these sweet treats on top of a dainty cake, then y7pou know you have got yourself a masterpiece.

Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream Cake

Mint is a flavour that people around the planet truly love, but when you combine it with chocolate chips, you get the most fantastic taste of the universe. The chocolate chip mint ice cream cake is made with a base of pure chocolate cake, then a ton of mint chocolate chips ice cream is piled on top along with the chocolate syrup, a ton of sweetness that anyone with a sweet tooth would love!

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