Tee Morant has been enjoying all the perks of NBA superstardom ever since his son was selected second overall in 2019. From partying at nightclubs and appearing on Look Alike Cam to sitting next to Usher at a Grizzlies game.

Ja’s father’s unflinching criticism propelled him to become an outstanding Murray State student and, eventually, an NBA player – but it hasn’t eased up lately.

He is the father of Ja Morant

Tee Morant, father of NBA star Ja Morant, has been an ever-present presence at all his son’s games this season as both supportive parent and harsh critic. Additionally, he’s renowned barber known for making media appearances.

Tee Morant age has struggled throughout his career due to off-court issues, including two instances in which he brandished firearms. Regardless, he managed to secure an lucrative deal with Memphis Grizzlies; however, they have since issued him with a 25-game ban after becoming embroiled in an altercation with Indiana Pacers’ entourage.

Tee Morant, is an inspirational figure for his son. Tee played at Hillcrest High School before enrolling at Claflin University (an HBCU located in Orangeburg). Furthermore, he served as a barber in Sumter. At 45 years old and following Christian religion – his life serves as an exemplar.

He is a basketball player

Tee Morant played high school basketball alongside NBA superstar Ray Allen. At Claflin University he established an impressive record. However, upon graduating he made the conscious decision to focus on family life after learning his wife was pregnant with Ja.

Morant remains a passionate and dedicated father despite recent controversy, supporting his son unwaveringly with outspoken views and unfaltering support that have attracted both criticism and accolades alike. Additionally, he has engaged in verbal fights with NBA players as well as ESPN anchor Shannon Sharpe over their positions regarding basketball players being fathers.

Morant has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur in addition to being a world-class basketball player. His net worth reportedly tops $5 Million. Ja and Teniya Morant currently reside in a house fully furnished and decorated by him; Ja hopes to pursue playing NCAA basketball after high school graduation; her parents support Teniya’s goals as she works towards her dream.

He is a barber

Tee Morant, a barber by profession, has helped develop his son’s basketball talent. After attending Hillcrest High School in Dalzell, South Carolina where he played alongside Ray Allen, he went to Claflin University in Orangeburg as an undergraduate to continue playing the game before ultimately choosing barbering as his career choice to focus on family matters and caregiving duties.

His wife Jamie played softball and basketball at Hillcrest High School before becoming employed at Prisma Health Tuomey Hospital. Together they have two children; Ja and Teniya.

Tee’s childhood home in Dalzell has long since been abandoned, with his concrete basketball court no longer serving as his training ground reclaimed by nature. Yet Tee remains close to his son and continues to help train for games – once even making a bet with Karl-Anthony Towns’ father that the loser of a playoff series would wear his jersey instead!

He is an outspoken person

Tee Morant, though frequently criticized for his support of his son, remains an engaged father. He often joins other NBA parents attending Memphis Grizzlies games at FedExForum and engages in wagers with Karl-Anthony Towns Sr. and Dell Curry’s son both playing for the Warriors; conversing and exchanging words with both Karl-Anthony Towns Sr. and Dell Curry Jr. who also both play there respectively. As an entrepreneur he believes it’s crucial that Black fathers show their children’s support; as an entrepreneur it’s essential for Black fathers to show their kids love.

Ja Morant’s off-court behavior has been anything but predictable. He’s been involved in heated confrontations with fans, even brandishing weapons on an Instagram livestream video. A source close to Ja Grizzlies team believes his father may be driving his misbehavior.

But others are doubtful, believing he may simply be using his fame to attract more attention to himself. While the Grizzlies star certainly possesses immense talent, he needs to keep his head focused and stay out of any trouble off-court.

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