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Is this real: Dental care with high quality

Dental care

Your beautiful smile and health of the oral cavity deserves to receive the best medical care which provides quality and longevity of materials used during the treatment process. 

It is especially important when it comes to Dental placement services – services that aim to renew your teeth for the rest of your life.

Let’s figure out everything about this procedure for you to be well-prepared.  

Dentistry as a medical science

Dentistry is a field of clinical medicine that studies the etiology and pathogenesis of teeth diseases and injuries as well as organs of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area. Dentists develop methods for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of any issues that may appear in patients during their life.

The main areas of Dental therapy include the following: 

  • Therapeutic dentistry
  • caries treatment; 
  • dental fillings; 
  • cosmetic restoration of teeth;
  • canals’ treatment and filling; 
  • Surgical dentistry
  • teeth and roots removal; 
  • removal of calculus from salivary glands;
  • maxillofacial plastic surgery;
  • Orthopedic dentistry
  • permanent prosthetics;
  • partially removable prosthetics;
  • removable prosthetics;
  • Implantology
  • Orthodontics

All of these areas require qualified medical lead up during the whole treatment process. So you need to choose the clinic where your case is regarded individually based on your case history, health specificities, examination results, etc. 

ADONIS International, for example, provides the full range of professional dental services from the start till your full recovery. 

Well-developed packages cover not only treatment processes, but also examination and screening, anesthesia (if required), modeling and setting (crowns, implants, veneers), consultation and additional services (translation, coordination, 24/7 support, etc.).

Dental implantation and restoration

Dental implantation is considered to be one of the most progressive and gentle methods of tooth restoration. 

It is used in a variety of cases – when a patient does not have (or have damaged) only one tooth as well as a patient with a complete absence of teeth.

Dental implantation ensures the health of the oral cavity and a person’s body, because your state as a whole is directly related to teeth condition. And, of course, it solves the issue with an aesthetic look. 

Veneer’s prosthetics are porcelain or ceramic onlays that replace the outer layer of teeth. Such kind of teeth restoration helps to correct some issues with patients’ teeth shape or color. It also protects your natural teeth from external influence. 

Veneers and dental implants have their own indications for installation that need to be prescribed by the professional dentist.

ADONIS International cover all essential requests that ensure successful dental treatment:

  • Quality 

All materials used during the treatment process are certificated and of the highest quality. Hypoallergenic properties, continuous exploitation, natural look and feeling – these are must. 

  • Experience

ADONIS dental professionals have minimum 7 years of experience (with average seniority about 10 years). They are well-educated and always improve their skills at European studying. 

  • Care

ADONIS Dental packages include all needed for successful treatment which confirm the highest care to the customer. Additional services provided for comfort and support until your full recovery. 

Dental placement services are necessary for everyone. Make your dental treatment a special and qualitative care about teeth and oral cavity with real specialists.  

Choose ADONIS International, make your smile even more beautiful.

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