Star Swim Schools is a registered swim school located in Cranbourne and Narre Warren South that provides swimming lessons to kids. Their aim is to offer an enjoyable learning-to-swim experience through a unique teaching method in state-of-the-art facilities with small classes.

Swim Schools Australia Advisory Committee. Composed of industry experts, its goal is to develop industry-leading best practice guidelines, education programs, and business expansion opportunities for swim schools. Swimming lessons Clyde North was founded on the belief that water skills and safety are vital life lessons best taught early. That’s why we provide developmentally appropriate learn-to-swim classes designed to meet all stages of child growth and development, such as infant/toddler classes (6 months – 36 months).


We are a family business

Star Skills Swimming was first established as a professional mobile private swimming lessons company in 1997 by Esther Bubrik as an elite swim school teaching company with high standards of instruction and customer experience in mind. Esther brought new energy and focus on customer experience when she purchased Star Skills in 2020 and brought its mobile lessons business back to life through Esther’s acquisition, with Esther using her extensive swim school teaching background and high standards of instruction to make an immediate difference for customers.

She created a student recognition program called Star Recognition which encourages goal setting while building self-worth and creating a sense of achievement for students. Participants track their progress online, coloring in stars as they go. Parents can help their children through this process for an added sense of achievement.

Star Swim Schools’ Erina Swim Centre features a seven-lane 25m indoor pool offering lessons to babies, preschoolers, school-aged kids, teenagers, and adults of all ages and abilities. In addition, there is also a squad training pool and lap swimming available at this center. Our team at Erina Swim Centre strives to offer students an enjoyable learning experience that enables them to reach their swimming goals successfully.

We are a member of SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia

Swimming classes Clydle North was established on the principle that water skills and safety are priceless life lessons, and is committed to offering your child a fun-filled learning space. Through small group lessons led by certified swimming teachers, your child receives ample one-on-one attention from qualified swimming teachers.

The Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association is Australia’s peak body for swim school operators and an affiliate member of Swimming Australia. As such, it creates world-leading practices in education, accreditation, professional development, and ongoing support for swimming coaches as well as swimming/water safety teachers.

Our experienced teachers comprise our SWIM Schools Australia Advisory Committee. As leaders in their field, they offer mentoring and advice to fellow swim school operators as well as advocating on behalf of members – something particularly crucial as the SIA fights to ensure all instructors are treated fairly and receive at least minimum wage pay – vital for retaining and recruiting the best talent.

We are a member of the Swim Schools Australia Advisory Committee

Swim Schools Australia Advisory Committee members, led by industry experts and representatives from leading Swim Schools, aim to provide support and advocacy for Swim School members. Together they pool expertise on best practices in our industry.

Short benefits for your kids in swimming water

Short Benefits For Your Kids in Swimming Water

Kids that spend time in a pool develop billions of new neurons through kicking, gliding and splashing activities which help improve reading abilities later on as well as better coordination skills.

Swimming is a team sport, providing children the opportunity to interact positively with others while showing them that they can reach goals even when competing against people more accomplished than themselves.

1. It is a great way to relax

Swimming not only allows kids to splash around in the pool, it can also help them unwind by challenging both focus and physical coordination – this enables them to put aside worries for a moment while learning to be focused in various situations.

Swimming helps release endorphins and mood-boosting chemicals in the brain to relieve stress, while improving breathing techniques and helping reduce cortisol levels can further help relax both body and mind. Swimming helps children sleep easier at night for restful REM cycles.

Swimming can also help boost a child’s self-esteem; when children swim well they gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence which carries over into other aspects of their life such as the classroom.

2. It is a great way to burn calories

Swimming helps children burn off calories while also relaxing from their busy lives. Swimming provides great cardiovascular exercise with low impact on muscles. When combined with proper diet and hydration practices, it can form the basis of an active and healthy lifestyle for life!

Swimming lessons can also help children socialize. By learning to swim, children will quickly find themselves among a community of fellow aquatic enthusiasts and form lasting bonds with like-minded peers – something which will only strengthen their social abilities while opening doors to new friendships.

Swim lessons provide children with the chance to control their breathing, which can be therapeutic and stress-relieving. Endorphins, our body’s natural feel-good chemicals that decrease stress levels, are also released, helping reduce symptoms such as depression and anxiety that many kids face today in this demanding world.

3. It is a great way to socialize

Swimming not only helps children reduce anxiety around water, but it can also provide them with invaluable social development benefits. By participating in group lessons or swim teams with other schools’ children, children gain an opportunity to meet new people and form new relationships.

Being a swimmer teaches children the value of dedication and perseverance; sometimes this may require them to put aside other activities in favor of swimming practice. These lessons can prove invaluable as they begin their future careers.

Swimming has many physical benefits; one study revealed that children who swim are known to possess better balance and coordination than those who don’t swim, making swimming an invaluable learning experience for children of any age! So it is wise to begin teaching your young one this life skill as early as possible!

4. It is a great way to build confidence

Educating your child to swim can help them overcome anxiety in new environments and social situations, like pool parties or beach days. Swimming lessons provide the ideal way to achieve this.

Swimming is an activity that children of any age can enjoy at their own pace and take pride in their accomplishments without feeling pressured to compete against others. Swimming helps children build self-confidence while encouraging them to keep working hard to improve their skills.

Swimming can help children exercise all of their muscles and burn off extra energy while improving sleep quality.

5. It is a great way to improve sleep

Swimming can help improve sleep as it provides an intense full-body workout and releases endorphins to relieve tension, as well as decrease cortisol levels in children’s bodies. It’s an enjoyable activity that also releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins & reduces cortisol.

Swimming can help children form positive attitudes about exercise and fitness from an early age, teaching them hard work, dedication and endurance – values which carry over into other sports such as football and athletics.

Swimming can also help children develop social and confidence building skills by encouraging teamwork in an uncompetitive setting, something which is crucial in facing life’s many obstacles and challenges.

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