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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Tiles?

Kitchen Tiles

You can only have one chance in years to make a perfect kitchen. However, the style and look of a kitchen are very important to consider. Whether remodeling your kitchen or designing a new one, choosing the right kitchen tiles is crucial while heading to the kitchen tile supplier Mississauga.

Top Tips to Pick the Right Kitchen Tiles

The kitchen is the only space in a house where you can plan out different tile designs in different applications while enhancing the beauty of the space. It is crucial to consider the precise whereabouts of the kitchen tiles before deciding on the type. Kitchen mosaic tiles that are the perfect option for kitchen walls could not fit the underfoot area.

This piece of writing will help you choose the right types of kitchen tiles.

Determine the scene

Nail down the intended surface to apply the tile before choosing the ideal type. You can install tiles on the backsplash behind the kitchen range or have them on the wall bounded by the upper cabinets. Tile is the best and most popular countertop option that you can also use for both kitchen walls and flooring.

Understand the difference between tiles

A tile is a strong, flexible material installed in rows over any surface. The range of these materials could include vinyl, porcelain, bamboo ceramic, cork, glass, and stone. Among these, vinyl, cork, and bamboo tiles are the most used options for kitchen flooring. Whereas ceramic, porcelain, and quarry are the most used options for counters and floors. Glass tiles are mostly used as kitchen backsplashes and walls. A renowned Mississauga kitchen tiles company can offer you a wide range of tile styles, colors, brands, and designs. However, before reaching the supplier, it is crucial to do your homework and understand the types of tiles right for your needs.

Types of tiles

Kitchen tiles call for proper installation, cleaning, and maintenance. Each tile type is unique and comes with distinct requirements. It is crucial to understand this before heading to a reputable tile shop.

Dixie Tile Shop

Behold the four tile types you can use in your kitchen.

  1. Ceramic: Great for not only kitchens but also for entryways and bathrooms.
  2. Porcelain: Resistant to heat, water, and heavy traffic! Fit for both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Stone: Ideal for easily viewable areas! Particularly the entryways.
  4. Mosaic: The best option to consider while choosing the right kitchen backsplash tiles.

Establish your budget

Some tile options are pocket-friendly, like linoleum and vinyl, whereas some would be highly-priced, like custom-designed ceramic tiles. Make sure you do your research before counting upon the looks. A local kitchen tile supplier Mississauga can help you estimate the product quantity you might require.

Elements you should consider while establishing your budget should include:

  1. Measurements: The ideal tile size depends on the space measurement where you want to install the tiles. Keep in mind! Small-sized tiles will be the ideal option for your tiny kitchen, or if you own larger kitchen space, opt for large-sized tiles. In addition, big tiles can make any space appear spacious. Opt for tiles with a lighter hue since they can create the illusion of increased space. Moreover, you have a wider range of choices for larger kitchen space, including light and dark tiles.
  2. Lighting: True lighting is the most important thing to consider when choosing the right kitchen tiles. Choose light-colored tiles, like beige, cream, or white, if your kitchen doesn’t receive much natural lighting. Glazed vitrified tiles are ideal for kitchen spaces with less natural lighting since their glossy finish can make any small and dull space look larger and brighter. Similar wall tiles with matching grout color will further make your kitchen look bigger and spacious.
  3. Design: Tiles add to the interior decor of your house entirely. However, it is crucial to choose your kitchen flooring and wall tiles that are harmonious with your house’s interior. Before making your decision, try different textures, colors, styles, and patterns based on the looks of your kitchen and the house interior. Digital wall tiles with floral design or natural color hue are the best-suited options for kitchen flooring and walls. Besides, use contrasting colors to add liveliness and energy to the space.
  4. Stain and slip resistance: Each room in your house will serve a unique purpose. However, it is crucial to choose tiles that are compatible with the intended use of the space. Namely, water-resistant and anti-slippery tiles are ideal for the bathroom, whereas for kitchens, you should opt for easy to clean and maintain tiles. In this vein, you should opt for various vitrified tiles that are anti-slip and resistant to dirt, stain, and water.

Talk over your lifestyle and habits

Kitchen tiles are lasting, but maintenance is required, and the longevity of each material varies. Ceramic tiles are durable, can withstand heat, and are easy to clean; an ideal choice for countertops. The only drawback is the uneven surface which is prone to get cracked or chipped easily. Make sure the tile option you choose fits your family lifestyle. When it comes to kitchen floor tile, make sure the option you choose can withstand heavy traffic, spilled foods, pets, and different cleaning materials. Make sure the floor tile is a floor tile. For example, a wall tile used for flooring can make the floor too slippery to walk. To make your kitchen flooring safer, choose tiles with a somewhat raised pattern or texture.

Possibilities are infinite

You will find infinite possibilities at a kitchen tile supplier, Mississauga. Choose the right type of tile that adds a decorative touch to your kitchen. Consider this piece of tips while selecting the right kitchen tiles. Research all available tile options before making your kitchen what you always wanted.

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