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Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to hardwood floor installation for your residential or commercial property, the most important choice you will need to make is to decide on the finishing for your new flooring. The term finish refers to applying a liquid substance onto the wood that forms an impervious coating and protects the wood flooring from spills, scuffs, water, and scratch damages. Eventually, the finish can maintain the aesthetic appearance of your hardwood flooring Muskoka house and also prolongs the longevity of your flooring.


The finish that most hardwood flooring contractors suggest will have two crucial implications; aesthetic and durability.

Give yourself a thought, how would the coat of finish look on my flooring? More specifically, what impact will the finishing have on the natural beauty of my wood flooring, its shine, its texture, and its primary color tone?

Secondly, Which finish will protect my flooring from gauges, dents, and scratches?

Indeed, you won’t get any easy answers. Things are not always that easy. Each wood species used by a renowned hardwood flooring company in Muskoka come with distinct features that can influence your selection of one type of finish over the other.

Besides, your personal preferences also play a significant role while choosing a finish for your wood flooring. And, a little know-how can make a huge difference in making things less complicated.

Flooring finishes can be classified into two groups, i.e., penetrating and surface finishes.

  • Penetrating finishes penetrate every wood pore before solidifying and creating a lasting integral defense. The finishes comprise natural oils like tung, linseed, danish oils, and hard wax oil finishes.
  • On the other side, surface finishes stay on the wood surface, creating an outer shell. These finishes include polyurethane, Swedish finish, acid-cured, shellacs, and aluminum oxide.


Surface finishes give you the floor to walk, making contact with the finish itself and not the wood. And, when the wear occurs, it will be the finish and not the wood to get worn away. Surface finishes function with a mixture of solvent and resin. The solvents allow the raisins to flow and evaporate after applying the finish, leaving behind the finish to form an emulsion coating on the wood.

Like various things, surface finishes also have specific benefits and drawbacks. But, on the positive side, they set up quickly once applied, which makes the wait time for moving in and walking on the flooring comparatively shorter. There is a wide range of sheen options, ranging from gloss to more subtle tones closer to a satin. As time passes, the once clear resigns start turning yellow, darkening and intensifying the wood’s appearance. Depending on the species, it can be reviewed as a drawback or a positive feature. The robust surface that surface finishes form is easier to clean than other penetrating finishes. Yet, they may exhibit scratches, and it is not easy to repair them. Most likely, it will require a complete refinishing instead of a simple touch-up.

Polyurethanes – Oil-based and water-based polyurethanes are the most sought-after surface finishes. Water-based polyurethane is easy to apply and faster to dry. Besides, it has a low smell and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission and keeps a clear shiny and smooth finish. Oil-based polyurethane, on the counter side, needs fewer coats of application. Nevertheless, it takes less time to dry and mend. Also, it emits strong VOCs and fumes. The odor can last for several days. Oil-based polyurethane has a hazel tone that Darden the wood without further ado and gets more intense as time passes. Water-based finish is harder than oil-based. However, it is more prone to scratches, whereas an oil-based finish is more sensitive to surface abrasions. Aesthetically, water-based polyurethanes will leave the color of your flooring unchanged. Water-based finishes are usually preferred for wood flooring with lighter tones. Oil-based finishes can turn the woods’ hue from yellow to deeper gold. However, Darden tones like cherry or red oak can be bettered by the hazel hue along with the oily sheen.

Shellac – Shellac is composed of resin secreted by the lac beetle. It has no scent and dries quickly. Nevertheless, you need to be at your best to prevent lap lines. It is accompanied by amazing adhesion characteristics that make it ideal when working with oily woods like various exotic tropical species or patchy woods like the pine. Shellac is not as durable as urethane-type finishes, yet it is easy to touch up and repair damaged areas.

Acid-Cured Finish – Acid-cured finish is an extremely durable, quick-drying, but slow curing is often applied during the hardwood floor installation process for options with intricate patterns like parquet flooring. This finish is also highly transparent and has great elastic properties. However, the high VOC content it has includes formaldehyde, and its complicated application process requires hiring a professional hardwood flooring company in Muskoka.

Aluminum Oxide – Aluminum oxide is a natural element usually in a crystal form and can be employed as an abrasive for sandpaper. It can be grounded to form a white powder. The power is a great option to use as a fortifier for urethane, giving it toughness and abrasion resistance. Besides, the white powder also protects your hardwood floor from possible wear and tear. Aluminum oxide finishes can last for more than 25 years. They are particularly beneficial for engineered hardwood floors that possess a thinner layer of wear that limits the amount of renovation or repair times. Aluminum oxide is often applied on a new prefinished hardwood floor in most homes and offices because of the precise application and drying tools it takes during the process.

Aluminum oxide urethane is transparent with little color changes. It does not enhance the grain patterns as significantly as polyurethane. Besides, aluminum oxide urethane comes in several grades of glossiness, and since scratching is rare, it appears with an ethereal powdery appearance when it does occur. The hardness of the material makes it difficult to repair.


As you step on flooring with a penetrating finish, you directly contact the wood and not the finish. This finish is a great source of classicism with a robust rationale for penetrating oil finishes. Furthermore, they enhance the wood’s natural hue and peculiarity, and their light sheen makes the floor look less shabby. Penetrating finishes are typically simpler to apply than surface finishes.

The only blind spot backed with penetrating finishing is that the coats of these finishes take a long time to set and are not resistant to damage caused by staining or solvents. But, not unlike the surface finishes, you can fix scratches by applying a new coating to the damaged spots. However, you don’t need to opt for a complete refinishing process.

Penetrating Oil Sealers – Most hardwood flooring contractors in Canada have long used oil sealers. Oil is mellower and has a less luster sheen than poly finishes. The wood absorbs oil when penetrating finishes are used. However, the oil enhances the color and highlights the wood’s grain, and offers the flooring a stunning finish.

Penetrating oil sealers are often made up of natural oils, typically linseed or tung oil, and additives that enhance the hardness and drying. They are not as lasting as polyurethanes yet are easier to apply and fix.

Hard Wax Oils – This non-toxic finish has a low VOC option and penetrates the wood creating an effective barrier against staining and moisture. Hardwood floors finished with a coat of hard wax oil are more water-resistant than floors with polyurethane finishes as the wood cells are not clogged, enabling them to breathe. Over time, this porosity allows the wood to prevent drying out and straining.

The finishes are available in various shades ranging from light to dark amber and give your space a natural matte and worm appearance. The authentic finishing process is simple, easy, and quick. However, the fixing is simpler as well. A prefinished hardwood floor is spot repairable with a gentle sanding of the damaged or scratched area followed by application of the hard wax oil. Indeed, hard wax oils, once applied, the floors will require a periodic coating of maintenance oil. The process isn’t so difficult. Homeowners can accomplish things on their own.

Ultimately, if you are looking to install hardwood flooring in your house or office, schedule a consultation session with your local hardwood flooring company in Muskoka today, and let experts help you decide the best flooring layout and finishes for your home.

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Home Improvement Trends

Emergency plumbing and drain services



Emergency plumbing and drain services

When you least expect it, plumbing problems can turn into emergencies. Most of the time, these things happen at bad times, like late at night, early in the morning, on the weekend, during big events, business meetings, seminars, etc. For example, a clogged kitchen sink can often be fixed with just a plunger and a drain snake.

But if you have more serious plumbing problems, like leaks, broken pipes, flooded basements, or sewage backups, you should call a professional plumber. You call every plumber in the GTA, but they all tell you the same thing: an emergency plumber will come out tomorrow. But if you have a emergency plumbing services in Toronto, you must get help immediately.

1. Find a long-term solution

Some homeowners worry about what to do in case of an emergency. As they look for a quick fix, their hearts beat faster because they are worried. Still, this choice might not be the safest, and in the end, it might do more harm than good. A skilled plumber will look at the whole system, figure out what’s wrong, and then suggest a fix. By doing this, you might avoid plumbing problems and the future panic that comes with them.

2. Spend less

A professional water heater repair in Toronto might seem expensive initially, but a small crack or leak can quickly become a much bigger problem that could make your water heater useless. In this case, the water heater must be replaced, which will cost much more than just fixing it. The speed and accuracy of a pro could save you a lot of money in the long run. Count on skilled workers

Professional plumbers get a lot of training to handle unexpected problems well. Because of this, outsourcing is less likely to lead to mistakes than doing the job yourself. You could damage the plumbing system if you don’t have the right training and tools and try to do the job independently. If you decide to handle the situation on your own, you’ll be under a lot of pressure and might make decisions you’ll later come to regret deeply. This could be harder, take more time, and cost more than fixing the plumbing problem in the first place.

3. Plumbers who have a license carry insurance

If you use Emergency Plumbers to find a professional plumber, you can rest easy knowing that you are covered by insurance. If the expert breaks something else in the system while working on yours, you won’t have to pay to have it fixed. But if you make the plumbing problem worse while trying to fix it yourself, you will have to pay for it.

4. Safety

A licensed plumber will know all the safety rules that must be followed. To put it another way, they have been taught how to handle situations that could be dangerous. If you’re not a plumber and you’re cleaning drains in Toronto and run into problems like too much water pressure or broken pipes, it’s best to call a pro. In the same way, you shouldn’t try to fix the water heater’s electrical problems yourself. This might endanger your family. It’s best to call a licensed plumber who will know how to handle these problems safely and effectively.

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Top 4 Affordable Barcelona Chair Replicas



Barcelona Chair Replicas

The Barcelona chair, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich in 1929, is one of the most famous and celebrated designs of the twentieth century. It was unlike other furniture produced at the time.

It was created with the Spanish Royalty in mind.

Despite its industrial appearance, the chair necessitates a significant amount of handwork.

Each authentic item has a copy of Ludwig Lies van der Rohe’s signature stamped inside the frame, which is comprised of two different steel configurations: chrome and stainless.

The frame was originally planned to be bolted together, but in 1950, it was modified using stainless steel, allowing the frame to be made of a single piece of metal, giving it a smoother appearance.

Knoll began producing Barcelona chairs in 1947, and they are still in production today.

They launched bronze-plated legs in the 1970s and later created the lounge chair and ottoman, as well as the Barcelona coach, stool, and table.

Knoll chairs are almost entirely handcrafted, and each chair bears the signature of the designer.

This brilliantly crafted artwork is still popular today, and any real modernist may adore and respect it.

A Knoll Barcelona Chair is estimated to cost $6,230 apiece.

Barcelona chairs are also manufactured by other companies around the world and sold under various brand names.

Barcelona Chair Reproductions at an Affordable Price

Here are the Best 2022 Barcelona Chair Reproductions at an Affordable Price:

The Pavillion Leather Lounge Chair 

  • For those who don’t care for real leather and simply want to spend a few hundred dollars, we included the best Bonded Leather Barcelona chair replica.
  • Although this chair isn’t made of real leather, it’s a really nice imitation for only $650.
  • This is undoubtedly an excellent lower-budget choice, with reviews praising the quality and appearance.
  • If you have children or work in a busy workplace, this would be a nice addition to your environment without the risk of destroying a more expensive version.

Barcelona Chair 

  • The Barcelona Chair (1929), which was originally designed for the King and Queen of Spain, has become a symbol of modernity and master craftsmanship.
  • It’s upholstered in a single Spinneybeck cowhide and supported by a hand-buffed polished chrome frame.
  • Individual leather panels are cut and upholstered by hand to achieve the perfect tufting.
  • The Barcelona Chair is a trademark of Knoll, Inc., and this is the genuine Knoll Barcelona Chair. Made in the United States of America, and the price reflects that!
  • Specs: Made to the designer’s original specifications.
  • Made in the United States of America
  • 30.25′′ H 29.5′′ W 30′′ D Dimensions: 30.25′′ H 29.5′′ W 30′′ D Dimensions: 30.25′′ H 29.5

Bonded Leather Atrium Chair 

  • This bonded leather version of the iconic atrium chair is very lovely.
  • This is a terrific bargain option if you simply like the aesthetic of the original Barcelona Chair but are on a smaller budget.
  • This will not be the most accurate reproduction available, but it will be the most accurate in its price range!
  • “The bonded leather is stunning, and the chair is comfortable and stylish!” say customers who bought it. “At this pricing point, these are considerably better than I had anticipated.” They’re strong and beautiful.”
  • This chair will still provide you with the design you desire but at a more affordable price!

Lounge Chair for the Atrium

  • The Atrium Lounge Chair is another fantastic replica.
  • This Lounge Chair’s proportions are a perfect match for the original.
  • Because the frame is slightly thicker, this piece is more stable, durable, and long-lasting.
  • This is not just a near duplicate of the original, but it is also made of genuine leather.
  • Because the patches are sewn on one by one, this chair appears almost identical to the original for a fraction of the cost.
  • Stainless Steel with a Steel Core Rubber Feet Protector Faux Leather Cushions
  • There is no need for assembling.


The Barcelona Chair Replica knock off has its presence for many years, since 1929.

This chair is a modernist’s dream, and it’s wonderful to see that solid reproductions are available at a variety of pricing points.

Whatever your budget, make sure to read reviews thoroughly before making a purchase to ensure you acquire a chair that you will enjoy.

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How to Budget for a Bathroom Renovation




If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom, you’ll first need to estimate the cost and time to complete the work. Most contractors will leave the bathroom in “broom-swept” condition and do not clean up afterward. Before you choose a contractor, however, it’s important to protect any valuable items in the room that will stay. Depending on the size of the project, you can expect to spend up to three days on the project.

Budgeting for a bathroom and kitchen renovation

Before starting your renovation project, you should first determine your budget. While there are no hard and fast rules for budgeting, there are several things to consider. The cost of structural work, adding new features to your Rénovation de cuisine and bathroom and replacing the floor and wall tiles all require additional money. The most effective way to balance your budget is to build these features into your project and then cut expenses on other items. Use the tips below to budget for your bathroom renovation project.

Listed below are the most expensive and least expensive components of a bathroom renovation. Small fixtures, such as towel racks and toilet paper holders, cost only a few dollars. However, showers are among the most expensive fixtures. The price of a high-end shower can reach more than PS6,000. This includes the pan, shower door, and surround. A standard shower/tub combination costs around PS500. However, you need to consider relocating the plumbing fixtures as this can add thousands of dollars to your budget.

Choosing a contractor

You should read reviews of a contractor’s work before hiring them for a bathroom renovation. You can also contact the contractor’s previous clients or view his or her portfolio. If the contractor is a trustworthy recommendation, you can feel confident in choosing him or her. You should also look for his or her credentials, which include insurance, licenses, and a criminal background check. It’s important to check for these before hiring him or her, because one bad review can’t completely erase years of good work.

When choosing a contractor for a bathroom renovation, you should get at least three written estimates. Make sure to read the estimates carefully and ask questions when necessary. It’s best to select a contractor who provides itemized estimates, stating the exact cost and profit margin. It’s also important to check a contractor’s license, as this is important as bathroom renovations usually involve electrical and plumbing work. You don’t want to be stuck with a project that’s taking longer than expected.

Preparing for a bathroom renovation

While you may not be able to do all the work yourself, you can certainly help the contractor do the work more efficiently. However, you should be sure to consult a bathroom remodeling contractor before attempting any DIY projects. Before you begin a bathroom renovation project, you should determine how to best protect your floors and parking. Also, make sure that your bathroom is free from debris. After determining the best route for the contractor, prepare your floors by covering them with plastic or plywood.

Before you begin a bathroom renovation project, make a checklist of the fixtures in your bathroom. These include toilets, bidets, sinks, faucets, showerheads, mirrors, and shower doors. Even a simple change such as a new door handle or a drawer pull can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. Also, don’t forget about electrical wiring and water safety. If you are renovating an existing bathroom, make sure to check the wiring and plumbing connections to ensure no electricity or water leaks will affect the bathroom.

Cost of a bathroom renovation

A bathroom renovation can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. The costs can run from materials to labor. Labor costs will include disposal of old materials and fixtures. You might have to pay to have them hauled away, so be sure to ask your contractor for details. New materials may be expensive, so be sure to request more than one estimate. Materials for bathroom renovations can vary widely in price, depending on their type and quality.

Another factor that may affect the cost of your bathroom renovation is whether you want to include specialty work. Specialists will charge more than general renovations, so it’s important to factor this into your budget. Timing can also play a role. If your renovation is time-sensitive, you’ll have to work with contractors who have busy schedules. Make sure to make allowances for the unpredictable weather. In the event of a canceled project, you’ll have to pay more.

Refinishing the sink and tub instead of replacing them

If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, consider refinishing your sink and tub instead of replacing them. Refinishing is a great way to update your bathroom’s appearance for a fraction of the cost of replacing them. You can choose the color you want for your new sink and tub, as well as make them match the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

When considering a bathroom makeover, remember that new bathtubs and sinks can cost thousands of dollars, and they can also change the look of your bathroom dramatically. However, not everyone is able to afford to replace their bathtub or sink. Although you can change the color and design of the bathroom furnishings, refinishing your tub and sink will preserve their original beauty and prevent fading over time. If you want to rent your bathroom out, refinishing the sink and tub is an excellent alternative.

Choosing a paint color for a bathroom

There are many things to consider when deciding on paint color for your bathroom. It will be a good idea to choose one that goes with the overall vibe you want to create. When you know what you want to convey, choosing the paint color will be much easier. For example, if you want the bathroom to be cheery, consider using a color like yellow or red. While both colors are not always a good choice, they both can add to the overall look of the bathroom.

When choosing the color, remember to consider the intended users of the bathroom. Bright colors can excite young children, while cool colors may make a grown-up feel relaxed. However, bold colors can make the room appear smaller. Choosing a neutral paint color is a good idea, as it will not go out of style in the near future. A semi-gloss paint finish will hide scuffs and mildew, and it will never go out of style.

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