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Top Wedding Photographers in Calgary for 2022



Wedding Photographers

For an elegant and timeless look, consider hiring the services of a photographer from Calgary. Here are some top options: Nathan’s dark-colored photos are romantic and striking; Kaleigh’s minimalist style keeps the focus on the couple. Farah, meanwhile, specializes in family portraits and specializes in wedding photography. Both photographers will capture the special moments of your life in beautiful images.

Conquest Outback Productions

In business since 2004, Conquest Outback Productions specializes in affordable cinematography, aerial film, and event photography. Their unique approach combines film and digital media to create edgy and nostalgic images. Their style is perfect for young couples, adventure seekers, and people looking for a unique wedding photography experience. With years of experience managing digital ads, they have earned a loyal clientele in Calgary.

In addition to traditional photography, Conquest Outback Productions also offers elopement photography and officiating ceremonies. They also specialize in creating beautiful and authentic photos in various locations. Their website displays a portfolio of previous work, but there are few details about price rates and packages. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a top wedding photographer in Calgary for 2022, check out their services.

Gabe McClintock

This photographer hails from the city of Calgary and has been capturing weddings for 15 years. His style blends photojournalism and portraiture and creates breathtaking images. He can travel to your wedding location if necessary. His rates start at $3,400 plus tax. They fall in the average range of professional wedding photographers. Listed below are some of the best Calgary wedding photographers for 2019.

Despite his young age, Gabe McClintock has managed to become one of the Top Wedding Photographers in Calgary. His style is documentary-based and framed with just enough imagination. The photographer makes his couples feel comfortable and open up to him, resulting in more candid moments that capture the unique essence of the day. However, his services are highly in demand and booking him six to ten months in advance is recommended.

Geoff Wilkings

If you want a wedding photographer that can capture the special moments of your big day, look no further than Geoff Wilkings. Based in Calgary, he has over a decade of experience as a full-time professional photographer. He has a great eye for lighting and angles and will make you feel at ease during the photo shoot. In fact, he even makes the experience fun, so you’ll be begging him for the photoshoot!

The first thing to remember about hiring a Calgary wedding photographer is that you’re making a lifelong investment. Your wedding day photos will not only capture your special day but also become a part of your family’s history. You’ll want to keep your photographs for your children’s future generations. Your wedding photos will take pride in your place in your home and will be a keepsake for generations to come. Choose a photographer who knows his role and will give you the memories of a lifetime.

Adam + Alexandra

If you’re looking for a Calgary wedding photographer, you’ve come to the right place. This dynamic duo is best friends, a film and digital combination that creates photos that are gritty, nostalgic, and perfect for young, adventurous couples. The duo’s warm and sociable personalities also make them great wedding photographers. Their wedding photography packages start at $2,400 and include 50 to 100 photographs per hour.

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With over seventeen years of experience, Gabe McClintock has become one of Calgary’s top photographers. He has a dramatic style that captures the romance of the occasion. He specializes in destination weddings and works as a one-man band, but can also arrange for additional photographers. His prices start at $3,400 plus tax, which is in line with the industry average.

Light Delight Photography

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Light Delight Photography offers a variety of styles, including traditional, photojournalistic, and contemporary. Arjuna Kodisinghe, a member of Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada, has worked in the industry since 2004, first using film SLR cameras. Her passion for the craft started when she saw the beauty of light. Arjuna believes that photography is a creative way to use light.

JM Photography

If you are looking for a photographer in Calgary, look no further than JM Photography. This award-winning studio specializes in capturing real moments and connections that are often unnoticed. The team at JM Photography approaches every wedding with passion and positivity, and captures the best moments of your day for you to cherish forever. They offer a full range of wedding photography services, including a live stream of the event and photo booths.

Nadine McKenney Photography

If you’re looking for a professional photographer to capture your big day, look no further than Nadine McKenney Photography. Her professional photography staff is well-trained and the equipment she uses is of the highest quality, ensuring crisp details and high-quality images. The relaxed atmosphere she creates is popular with her clients and you’ll find that booking Nadine for your wedding photography is an easy and stress-free experience. Pricing packages are also convenient and affordable, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $4,000. The most basic package covers six hours of coverage, with prices rising to four hours and more.

Joanna Jensen

If you are looking for a traditional wedding photographer in Calgary, consider hiring Joanna Jensen. Her photojournalistic style and candid moments are sure to make your big day unique. Joanna is an experienced wedding photographer who has studied at the New York Institute of Photography and the University of Lethbridge. She is available for weddings in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Contact Joanna today to schedule your wedding photography.

Dean Pictures 

As one of the best wedding photography services in Calgary, Dean Pictures has earned a solid reputation over the years. They offer both indoor and outdoor photoshoots and a fresh, creative approach to style and imagery. The studio is well-equipped for photoshoots the outdoors and has a dedicated outdoor studio. Janet and David Dean both have formal training in visual design, fashion, and photography. This combined experience allows them to offer special services for weddings.

Cassie’s Camera

The studio is located downtown, so their prices are affordable for most couples. A typical package for a wedding with Cassie’s Camera is $4,000, and it includes unlimited digital photos, two photographers for the day, and a custom 30-page album, USB stick, and canvas print. The photographers are professional, friendly, and have years of experience. The studio offers a payment plan that can range from six to eighteen months. Cassie’s Camera has many packages to choose from.

If you’re planning a wedding in Calgary, you’ll want a professional photographer.  We’ve covered Joanna Jensen, Nadine McKenney Photography, and Cassie’s Camera in this article. These photographers have been shooting weddings in Calgary for years, and are dedicated to creating beautiful, realistic images that capture the true feelings of your big day. If you’re planning your wedding in Calgary, contact a fine art photographer today!

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How to Do Well In Studies with Astrological Remedies?



Astrological Remedies

There are occasions when students fail to concentrate on their studies although they really want to. In other instances, the student might know a lot about the subject but is not able to do well in tests or viva.

A person’s zodiac can show common learning and study natures for every sign, says a reputed astrologer. This write up will help you recognize and utilize your zodiac sign’s study habit strengths and weaknesses.


A student who is a Taurus native is punctual and very accountable. They like taking part in extracurricular activities, too. Moreover, they like to learn using each of their senses. They always want to complete their work within a given time. Are you a Taurus? Do you have any of these qualities?


If you are a Cancer native, you are a great observer; you strive to connect whatever you come across. Also, you do well while you are emotionally balanced; otherwise, you might face trouble concentrating. If you have stagnant study habits, you should use your imaginative mind to instigate novel methods.


Virgos like interacting with others. They learn well by listening, and thus they must take the support of their buddies who can make them comprehend the concepts. They can utilize various devices such as a mobile phone for recording the subject that they find hard.


Scorpio students are hardworking and competitive. They work well in an atmosphere wherein they can solve problems by themselves. Therefore, they are advised to study alone. There is nobody who can help them study better than they themselves.


Sagittarius students like discovering various aspects of life. Therefore, they like reading various subjects. They have a curiosity to learn new things, and so they must keep this curious nature when studying, too.


In general, the students who are natives of Aquarius are bright and can do great in school. As well, they look for support from other people in attaining their goals. They perform the best working on problems and projects by themselves; however, they will easily work great with a team.


The Leo students are confident and proud like a lion. They can study only if they want to. Therefore, it would be better if they note down all the important points to learn them much quicker.


Libras can be lethargic sometimes and like roaming around. Balance is the key in this situation. They love to balance everything. So, they must make a timetable that can help them in time management. For more information on the Libra sign, consult the best astrologer online.


People appreciate the pragmatist nature of Capricorn students. They are realistic and lovemaking plans that might aid them in reaching their goals. They are likely to be serious and like challenges. For them, competition is the biggest asset. Thus, they must compete with brilliant minds that’ll help them improve their grades, too.  


If you are a Pisces native, you may like dreaming in the classroom and have problems concentrating on studies. You often get bored in classes that talk about hard facts. But, you are very devoted to your goals, so setting anything reachable will work great for you.


Gemini students are very amusing, curious, and bright. They are very sharp and retain information quite easily. In addition, they have good communication skills, and thus they must study with their pals who can assist them in understanding the concepts.


As an Aries student, you are an efficient learner. You always like to discover new things. You always stay driven, so you must opt for a course in which you are interested.

Common Astrology Remedies for Students

1.      Have food containing less or no salt every Sunday. This is a effective remedy for students to do well in their studies.

2.      The combination of sugar, rose petal, and roli in a copper vessel will aid in getting the blessings of Surya Deva. This is a great remedy for aspiring students. Moreover, they must think about giving something in red colour to the needful people on Sundays.

3.      For increasing memory power, the combination of a tsp of tulsi juice and honey can be a great remedy.

4.      Make sure that you are facing the eastern direction when studying. This can help you in improving memory and focus. Also, this will help in bringing positive thoughts.

5.      Always ensure that the study desk in the room is facing the east, north, or north-eastern direction. This will bring positivity to the entire room.

Final Verdict

All the aforementioned astrological tips can be beneficial for the students to improve their focus and memory power and attain their goals. For more tips, consult the best astrologer.


There is a great significance of education in life. Astrology remedies can prove helpful when the students aren’t able to achieve success even after so much effort. 

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Safety Measures To Be Used For An In-Ground Trampoline



inground trampoline

Who doesn’t like to run, jump and have fun on swings and other playsets?

It is the basic nature of a human to enjoy jumping and bouncing as it increases the number of happy hormones in the body.

Trampolines are specially designed for this kind of activity.

One can choose one from several varieties available in the market, but people usually prefer in-ground trampolines for safety purposes.

Keeping in mind the safety measures before indulging in any activity is very important.

 In this article, we will discuss various safety measures that one should consider while using an in-ground trampoline.

An in-ground trampoline is flushed to the ground and is not raised above the ground unlike other trampolines, thus, it is not attached to a ladder and there is no risk of children falling off.

1. Try To Avoid Any Kind Of Barrier Overhead Or Around:

The most important part of installing an in-ground trampoline is to ensure an unhindered jump and keep it free from any obstruction.

One should consider building a trampoline at a place where the jump is not obstructed by trees, pipes, ropes, wires, grills, or power lines.

They may hurt the person by hitting him while jumping or bouncing back over the in-ground trampoline.

The area around the trampoline should not be prone to the accumulation of debris or water to ensure that it does not cave into the roots of the ground.

2. Use The User’s Guide Before Installation: 

We often do not use the user’s handbook or manual while installing the in-ground trampoline.

To install it safely one should ensure that all the safety measures are taken into consideration and the setup is done safely.

One should carefully read all the instructions and assemble the parts of the trampoline. Besides, one can also ask a professional to help in the installation of the trampoline.

3. Test The Equipment Before Use:

Another important thing to keep in mind right after installing the equipment is that it should be tested before use.

Once the process of installation is over, the in-ground trampoline should be tested under the supervision of professionals or elders.

This ensures the safety of children and elders from getting hurt or injured.

Apart from this, children should be taught not to make high bounces or perform stunts or flips as it can cause injury to them.

Very small kids should be instructed to use the trampoline only under the supervision of the elders.

4. Bring Netting And Padding Into Use:

To ensure greater safety for the jumpers, one can install extra padding and netting and layer the springs of the in-ground trampoline so that a jumper is not injured.

The springs are made of hard metal and can be hard on body parts, thus, paddings offer an extra cushion to protect the jumper.

There are soft shock absorbing paddings that are specially meant for protection from wearing off of the material.

5. Proper Maintenance Of The Trampoline:

An in-ground trampoline is installed over the ground and can be used without access to stairs or ladders, thus it does not require too much maintenance, but one should make sure that the trampoline is not under constant contact with water and rain.

Children should be specially instructed to not use the trampoline in bad weather.

In the case of an in-ground trampoline, the equipment should be covered with a net or some hard waterproof covering to protect it from weather and to prevent small children from falling into the trampolines.

6. Use The Right Material:

Another thing to make a point of is to use quality material for installing an in-ground trampoline. The sole reason for using high-quality material is to avoid injuries.

Imagine, jumpers jumping and bouncing over the trampoline, and the fabric of the trampoline tears off, or the springs pop out?

The jumper will be injured very badly. To avoid such situations and mishappenings one needs to make it a point that the material being used is top class.

7. Avoid Using Mini-Trampolines:

Mini trampolines are deliberately made to ensure the jump is not too high and they usually come with a handlebar, but people might jump higher and hit their heads on the handle of the trampoline.

Thus, one should avoid using mini-trampolines as much as possible, they can choose other sizes of trampolines instead.

The above points discussed the safety measures required while using an in-ground trampoline. Safety comes first.

No matter how much one enjoys performing an activity, it is really important to consider options that ensure protection and safety from major injuries or life-threatening situations.

Trampoline accidents are quite common, they do not even give the chance to turn the situation right, thus, one must always check the safety measures while using any kind of trampoline.

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Are Guitar Lessons Worth The Money?



guitar lessons Mississauga

If you play the guitar or want to learn, you may have wondered if taking guitar lessons is worth it — several guitar courses and music schools to learn more about music and your instrument.

Is it worth learning guitar? It depends on the student and teacher. You will grow faster if you pick the best music school near me online and a great teacher. If you’ve never played guitar, take lessons.

There are two elements to consider while deciding whether or not the guitar lessons are worthwhile. You should consider if you can afford it based on a guitar lesson’s cost. The second topic is lesson kinds, which we will discuss in-depth in the following sections.

We’ll talk about two different sorts of guitar lessons. Face to face or in-person is the first, and online is the second. Both approaches have pros and cons so you will choose depending on your circumstances.

Face-to-face Lessons: Pros and Cons

Pros of Face to face lessons

  • You receive direct feedback and corrections.
  • You enroll in a well-defined curriculum taught by a knowledgeable instructor.
  • You won’t get stuck or frustrated if you have a teacher.
  • Going out and learning on the spot is enjoyable and helps you stay focused from lesson to lesson.
  • Encourages you to keep going forward.
  • A teacher can assist you in learning the guitar more quickly.

Cons Of Face to face lessons

  • You may have to go through some material you don’t care about. Finding the proper teacher for your needs can take time.
  • It’s possible to enjoy learning guitar on your own.
  • It can be costly to take continual courses.

Finally, no matter how good your teacher is, you will only get one person’s perspective. There are always multiple options, and you will only hear one side of the tale. Other approaches may work better for you.

Self-Teaching/Online learning: Pros and Cons

Pros of Self-Teaching/Online learning

  • You have more freedom in picking the correct path for you.
  • You can move at your own pace. 
  • Teaching yourself can be enjoyable.
  •  It is less expensive to skip lessons.

Cons of Self-Teaching/Online learning

  • It may take longer to progress in virtual music lessons.
  • It might be irritating if you are stuck and have no guidance or feedback.
  • It’s more challenging to keep motivated.
  • A good learning platform, such as a book, eBook, video course, or online guitar tuition, is required.
  • You may overlook or overlook essential fundamentals.

Finally, suitable online lessons usually include a structure, allowing you to follow a pre-made curriculum for your ability level. Eventually, you will require an internet connection to complete these online music lessons. While many individuals have it, it still binds you to your computer and prevents you from doing anything else. Playing the guitar is a terrific way to disconnect from the internet, and the lack of internet access and the inability to read lessons without it may be a deal-breaker for others.

When To Take Face-to-Face Lessons

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Some musicians are fortunate enough to learn to play the guitar quickly, but others are not. The more time you put into something, the more it sticks in your muscle memory. The main issue is that you make errors.

When you take lessons, the  Mississauga guitar teacher will be able to spot any faults you’ve made and quickly correct them. So you can practice correctly and improve faster.

It is vital for new learners and beginners. You don’t know anything about it, so mistakes are hard to spot. Beginners may struggle to focus their attention and determine what to practice, and they may waste time practicing something they don’t need or can’t learn. The teacher will help students stay on track.

Lessons for Advanced Students

Already know how to play the guitar? These lessons may help you improve. Because you already know the instrument, you’ll know where and what to do. You may also see what you want to study, and the teacher can help you. You can not only find an instructor who suits you but also request a specific class type.
Players can choose an instructor to help them master skills like tapping or sweep picking. If you already know a lot about the guitar, you can find someone who can teach you the theory. These guitar lessons in Mississauga will only help you improve your talents.


We think paid learning is helpful, especially for beginners, and lessons will also assist in maintaining the initial excitement. After all, you’re learning the guitar as a hobby, and you don’t want to undertake more research to design your classes.

However, some players adore it all! So whatever you appreciate, don’t let it dull the thrill. Your enthusiasm to study this fantastic instrument will fade!

Private guitar lessons are an excellent method to learn. You will progress faster if you work with a competent instructor who can answer your questions and provide personal guidance.

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