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Interactive Video Boost The Impact Of Your Messages



Virtual Classrooms Blog TTA

The trend is confirmed year after year, the use of video occupies a prominent place in business communication on the Internet. This development is not surprising and follows that of the online video market which is now reaching dizzying figures. Cisco estimates that video will represent 82% of global Internet traffic by 2022, compared to 70%. The statistics of major distribution platforms such as YouTube, Facebook only confirm this exponential enthusiasm. This rise in power and technological advances are pushing communication specialists to explore new ways of using video (virtual reality, 360° video, etc.). Among these, interactive videos seem to be successful with those who produce them and those who watch them.

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video also called “enriched” is an interaction video during which the viewer can interact. He then obtains additional content at key moments and/or acts on his scenario.
The benefits of interactive video
Viewing a more playful and participatory video increases the engagement rate and the memorization of your message. By involving the viewer more, it also offers them a more personalized experience and stimulates their curiosity. While the mnemonic efficiency seen/heard is 50%, it can go up to 90% efficiency if the video is accompanied by an interactivity consisting in the realization of an activity by the user.

Interactivity, multiple purposes

In and of itself, adding interactivity to a video is nothing new. As early, YouTube offered to add clickable areas by overlay. Since then, this type of content has attracted many major advertisers and the forms of video enrichment have varied.
Red Bull’s #Eshots campaign is a prime illustration of this. She used the interactive video system to get people to click from one video to another using their observation skills and responsiveness.
Interactive video is also very popular in the training or internal communication sector. It allows for an engaging and participatory pedagogical approach. You can add, for example, surveys, links to additional resources or knowledge validation quizzes. In his installation tutorials, Leroy Merlin has enriched his videos with chapters, thus making the experience of budding DIY enthusiasts more intuitive.
As new research reveals (Vinson Bourne for Bright cove), the video advertising experience is receiving a global dislike from Internet users. 92% of them agree that changes need to be made to current online video advertising strategies. Better targeted but also more interactive content are the solutions adopted by e-commerce players wishing to increase the engagement and conversion of their marketing campaign. The clothing brand DIESEL produces, in this spirit, “Shoppable videos “, a real interface with their e-shop.

Cinema8 makes it easy to create interactive video

To meet this need, Cinema8 has chosen to enrich its video management platform with an interactive video creation tool. This allows you to easily add points of interaction to your content. Fully configurable (size, design, position, duration of appearance, etc.), these interaction points are then associated with personalized behavior.
As always, we work alongside our clients to define and design tailor-made and relevant interactivities to meet their objectives.

  • Many training sessions require some sort of knowledge check or assessment to ensure the learners are retaining the information. Virtual classrooms allow for immediate feedback, allowing the learners to gauge their understanding of the topics. Also, organizations can use these scores for their advantage as well. In the traditional classroom setting, scoring assessments could take days or even weeks to return and by then the feedback will not be as successful.
  • Learners are often shy and held back from participation when in person. With a virtual classroom there are many other options for participation, including chat rooms, and commenting that gives the learners the chance to be more engaged and interactive.
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Social Media Trends

Thesis Help – Where to Find Help With Your Thesis



Thesis Help

When looking for Thesis Help, it is important to remember that a thesis is more than just an essay on a particular topic. It is a research paper that requires analysis of information from multiple sources. It is therefore important to find professional assistance before you begin writing. Fortunately, there are a number of resources available online that can provide the guidance you need.

Most common ways to get help with Your Thesis.


This website has a huge database of abbreviations. You can find any term here. Cambridge Dictionaries – These are free online English dictionaries, including bilingual resources. Definitions – This online dictionary has definitions from many reputable resources. Macmillan Dictionary – This is a free, open-source tool that provides detailed definitions of dozens of terms. Finally, you can try


If you are worried about the quality of your thesis, you can always use Thesis Help services. Their writers do an excellent job and give each assignment their full attention. The best part is that their services are affordable. It is more cost-effective to pay a professional for quality writing than to spend hours studying for it. The best part is, they’ll also assign a writer based on your preferences. You can even pick the writer yourself.


The prices for Thesis Help vary, depending on the type of writing assignment. A high-quality paper is worth paying for, especially when it comes to your academic reputation. Most of these services also allow you to choose your writer, so you can choose the writer who writes the best paper for you. The essay writer will work closely with you and follow your instructions, and they’ll be sure to complete the project by the deadline you set.


Thesis Help services will provide the most appropriate writer for the task at hand. Expert thesis writers will provide their work with 100% focus and will work hard to earn you the highest grade. They will also include an extensive bibliography. In addition, you can also find help for formatting the thesis with special features and tools. In most cases, Thesis writing helps you to avoid plagiarism and get a better mark. It’s a hassle-free service that will help you complete your thesis with high quality and perfection.

The right thesis writer can help you make the best decisions. These experts are capable of providing thesis help in a timely manner. They can work around your schedule and provide you with excellent results. Whether you need help with your thesis or need assistance with a particular topic, the best service will do it for you. With a qualified writer, you can get the dissertation you need without stress. And with a thesis writer, your academic goals are in safe hands.

If you need help writing your thesis, you can always ask for assistance online. Online services offer thesis writing services at reasonable prices. Often, you can choose the writer you prefer and get the paper delivered on time. You can even choose the writer who works with your instructions. When you hire a thesis writer, you can be sure that your work will be plagiarism-free. This can save you a lot of time and effort. So, why wait?

Getting help with a thesis is an easy way to get the grades you need. Most of these services can be hired online. You can pay for the service by using your credit card or PayPal. Typically, they will deliver your finished work on time. If you need help with a thesis, you can choose between two different options: an online service or a traditional paper. Regardless of which option you choose, it will be a positive experience for you and your academic future.

Choosing a thesis writing service can make the process as easy as possible. You can place your order with the service and provide instructions and any necessary files. The service will assign you a qualified writer who will write your thesis and deliver it to you on time. You can rest assured that it will be done right. The writers will do their best to meet your deadline and provide excellent marks, so you won’t have to worry about getting a high grade.

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Social Media Trends

A Simple Method to Make Your YouTube Channel stand out from the crowd




YouTube is the first choice for most people to stream and share online videos. About one billion minutes of YouTube content is seen by viewers worldwide daily. It’s been observed that most videos that users view on the platform are suggested through the YouTube algorithm. Therefore, it’s clear that the most effective way to ensure your YouTube channel’s success is to make the algorithm work for you. But the process of making your channel visible on YouTube is often an uphill struggle, especially when you consider the volume of content posted on YouTube every day. It’s easy to see your YouTube channels are lost in all the noise.

There are a variety of channels available on YouTube. At the same time, some channels have videos spread all over the web while others are more appealing. In the flood of content on YouTube, it is crucial to distinguish yourself from other channels. There isn’t a secret formula for popularity on YouTube. If you’re looking to increase the reach of your YouTube channel, it is essential to put in the time and effort required to maintain it. There are easy methods to ensure the crowd notices the quality of your YouTube channel. In this post, we’ll look at some strategies to assist you in achieving that.


How can you help the YouTube account stand out from the rest?

It is not uncommon to discover your videos buried amid the multitude of content on YouTube. Millions of users upload content on the platform each day, and only a tiny few can rise to the very top. What exactly is it that they’re doing differently? We’ll discuss a few aspects that will make you stand out from the crowd in the next section. When you keep these guidelines in mind, you’ll be able to stand out from the group within a matter of minutes.

1. Optimize thumbnails for video

The thumbnail for your video is among the first things viewers will see when browsing your videos. Before they click the video to play it, they should look at the thumbnail and become enticed by the video. Even if you’ve created great content, it will be ineffective if you cannot reel in many viewers. For the case of this YouTube videos library, the thumbnail looks like the cover of a book. A great way to distinguish yourself from the rest and catch the viewers’ focus is to use bright backgrounds for the thumbnail. This can be achieved by using a green background and being creative in the design process.

The new channels that are just beginning their YouTube journeys may want to stick to the basics. This isn’t a bad thing. Using text on thumbnails can be very effective in the right way. The best way to accomplish this is to add four words with bold letters within the thumbnail. You could also include an image of yourself in response to the clip. This method for thumbnails has been proven to be effective for most users. When your video appears in the list of suggestions, it is essential to ensure that your thumbnail is large, bright, and vivid to stand apart from the rest of the competition. This way, you’ll reel into the views and increase your YouTube subscribers for free and your Channel’s popularity.

2. Use a particular editing style

Another method of ensuring the quality of your content distinguishes itself is to edit your videos to remain uniform across all platforms. By implementing a specific editing style, viewers will be able to associate with your content in a way that is consistent with the style you use. This way, they’ll be able to identify your videos despite the ocean of YouTube content. To refine the type of editing you want to develop, you must begin with a powerful intro that you’ll be able to carry throughout your future videos. In addition, you will be required to keep the same style in text, graphics, music, sound effects, and other elements of the video.

If you are editing your videos, you must choose an appropriate theme and ensure you select identical fonts and colors for your background and the text on all your videos. So, you’ll start with your unique editing style to create a distinctive identity for yourself in the marketplace. The color scheme and theme will differ from most users, making the videos you upload stand out.

Establishing a distinctive branding style through the editing process can be highly beneficial. It allows you to make your YouTube channel distinct once viewers are comfortable with your brand’s style and look of content and keep coming back to view your videos. As a result, you’ll be able to increase your engagement and metrics, as well as effectively.

3. Consistent video description

Another factor that could play a significant role in the design of the style of the content of your video that you post on YouTube is the description of your video. It’s usually one of the first things creators are thinking about; however, creating your description style could aid in distinguishing your channel from the rest. First, you must establish a specific style of creating a description of your video that viewers can understand quickly. It must be simple to read and adhere to the same format each time. To ensure that your brand is well-known on the platform, it is essential to maintain consistency. Once users are accustomed to your style of branding and style, they’ll be enticed to visit your page and read the description of your video for more information.

When writing the description for the video, it is recommended to start by repeating the title at the start and then finish it with a compelling hook that will catch viewers’ attention. Your title must be large and bold letters. The description’s hook should bridge the information you intend to include. The video description should contain all relevant keywords that will be picked in Google’s YouTube algorithm. If you plan to expand the reach of your YouTube page, then you must make sure that your description’s style remains constant and efficient across all videos. If you can provide consistency to your content, you’ll beat other channels within your field.

4. Utilizing other platforms

If you can utilize other platforms to publish videos on YouTube and uniquely share their YouTube clips, that will instantly ensure that your content stands out from the rest. It is helpful when you try to promote your content across various platforms but in a distinctive manner about the brand, you are promoting. Making your way through the noise becomes simple when people are aware of your channel and content not on the platform.

When posting YouTube content across other social media platforms, make sure you include images and videos that pop up. You can add your most recent video to high up on your Twitter feed Twitter. You can also use a beautiful thumbnail to draw people’s attention. Then, you can include the video’s URL in the tweet. The same method is possible for Instagram too. The only thing you must do is make an Instagram post with an extended caption and then add the thumbnail of your video with it. It is possible to include a call-to-action within the caption of your Instagram post and then ask viewers to visit the video by clicking the Bio section. When using these strategies, it is crucial to ensure that your content design remains consistent throughout the entire site.

If you’re promoting your content on different platforms, you need to use your strengths and ensure that you know how each platform works. Knowing what type of content stands out can help ensure that you can reach the right audience. The main goal is to redirect users to YouTube.

5. Find the gaps and transform them into opportunities

This is a very efficient method of making sure your video content stands out from the sea of videos. There’s plenty of content posted on the platform each day, and it could seem like the amount of competition for a content creator is overwhelming. However, a few small gaps are evident in the content on this platform. Some videos cover crucial topics that do not receive much search traffic. This means there is a lot of competition on the market. These are referred to as gateway videos as they typically offer excellent opportunities to the content creator. Instead of generic titles, you can utilize specific videos that break the broad subject into one.


If you decide to create your YouTube channel, your primary objective is to engage and educate people through your video content. Utilizing the advice given above to make your content stand on YouTube to be sure you can ensure your YouTube channel’s popularity. There are many additional great tools on SubPals to help you develop and develop your YouTube channel. It is possible to buy YouTube views, likes, comments, and watch hours, which can increase your engagement parameters of the channel and help to accelerate the growth of your channel. SubPals offers a wide range of high-end YouTube products that are completely safe and safe. If you use our services, you’ll be able to see the results within a short time. For more information on our top YouTube services, get in touch with us now!

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Best Ways to Embed YouTube Widget on Website

Learn the best ways to embed YouTube videos widget to your website. Increase engagement, credibility and boost conversions with YouTube widget.



YouTube widget

Video content is one of the most powerful tools to attract new audiences and engage them. If your audience also loves to watch YouTube video content for hours, then you have a big opportunity to engage them. Showcasing relevant, entertaining, or informative YouTube videos is the best way businesses and marketers can keep their audiences hooked.

If you also want to learn how to embed YouTube videos on your website, then read this blog till the end. We will discuss the two best ways to embed a YouTube widget on your website. The first method for embedding the YouTube widget is using a social media aggregator tool, and the second is manually embedding YouTube videos individually.

Method 1: Embed YouTube Widget on Website Using a Social Media Aggregator

A social media aggregator will help you gather all the Youtube videos for your website from single or multiple channels and present them beautifully in a website widget. Are you excited to create a YouTube widget for your website? Well, before that, you need to find a social media aggregator that you can use to create a YouTube widget without much effort. Some of the no-code aggregators are Taggbox, SnapWidget, etc.

Now, once you have decided the aggregator suitable for you, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create YouTube Feeds

  • Sign in to your account.
  • Select the ‘Add social feeds’ option for creating new YouTube feeds.
  • Select the YouTube icon from the list of source aggregation sources.
  • Now set your connection type. You will get four options:
    • Channel URL to show all the videos from a specific YouTube channel
    • Playlist to show all the videos from a specific YouTube playlist.
    • Keywords to show all the top videos that appear on the specific keyword.
    • Location
  • Now click on ‘create feed.’

Step 2: Design the YouTube Widget

  • In the design tab, go to the Themes section and select one of the options. 
  • In the customization section, you can add a background, banner, and custom CSS to your YouTube widget to make it look appealing on your website.   

Step 3: Moderate Feed

  • In the moderation panel, you can turn off or turn on the manual moderation mode for the YouTube videos. Turning on moderation will allow you to manually select the video for your widget.
  • Then you can add a CTA button to the YouTube videos and drive more views and engagement.
  • Delete the videos which you want to remove from the widget. 
  • Highlight and pin the best videos that will be most useful and entertaining for your audience.  

Step 4: Generate Embed Code

Since we are ready with the feeds, we will now publish them and create a custom embed code.

  • Click on the Publish button on the editor screen.
  • Choose your website platform as the aggregator will create a code depending on the option you choose.
  • Now you will see an embed code with its default size already set. You can change that as you like.
  • Then copy the embed code. 

Step 5: Embed YouTube Widget on Website

  • Log in to your website platform and open the webpage where you will embed your widget.
  • Add a new block on the page and choose the HTML option. Paste the embed code of your YouTube widget created by the aggregator.
  • Save the changes. Voila! Your YouTube widget is now there on your website to engage your audience. 

Method 2: Embed YouTube Videos on Website Manually

This is a very time-consuming process, but you can use it if you don’t have to regularly show fresh video content to your audience and want to embed one or very few videos on your website.

  • Open the video which you want to embed on your website. 
  • Click on the share button.
  • Click on the embed option from the list of ways to share the video.
  • Copy the embed code of the video.
  • Open your website editor and navigate to the page where you want to display YouTube videos.
  • Paste the YouTube video embed code. 
  • Apply the changes, and the YouTube video will appear on the website. 

Over to You

Adding a YouTube widget to your website has many benefits, and it’s time you leverage the power of video content for getting more exposure, engaging your audience, and keep bringing them back for more insights.

Select a social media aggregator tool. Make sure your option is scalable so that you can aggregate other types of content as well and show your social feeds on other platforms besides your website.

After understanding the two different ways to embed a YouTube widget on your website, pick the best option suitable for you, then plan which videos you want to display on your website to attract a maximum audience and gain high ROI.

Start creating your YouTube widget today.

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