Broadcasting is the genre par excellence that acts as a hallmark of journalism as specialized as sports. We are on the way to completing a century of broadcast production, which has evolved to adapt to the narrative and technological changes in the audiovisual world. Despite its importance, the narration of sporting events has rarely been studied and analyzed from a professional perspective. One of them, the doctoral thesis of Alberto Pérez, academic director of this course, which has given rise to several books and publications.

To dedicate yourself professionally to 스포츠중계, it is necessary to know and know how to handle the processes and tools necessary for its maximum optimization. The rigor, the emotion, the correct use of language, a vocal handling that allows controlling the high intensities and tonal variations, and of course, the particular way of telling it of each one. This is what this specialization course is about, in which we will work on the handling of human and technical elements, expressive qualification and their coexistence with technology, all aspects that, beyond theory, must be taken into account to become a professional.

From downloadable material, audio and video pieces and discussion forums,

This course tries to help all those who want to perfect or start in the noble art of sports narration. The idea is to share those essential elements used by those who dedicate themselves to storytelling every day, and for students to develop routines that allow them to exploit their potential in this field. That is why this course is aimed at those who want to get closer to a differential and unique genre in the audiovisual, and also at those who enjoy it, either as amateurs who are bitten by the bug to try, or as professionals who want to progress by perfecting their technique. .Undoubtedly, all these advances have also marked the work of journalists, who currently have innumerable data and extra information, which they can access thanks to tools such as Media coach. In addition, the new content opportunities generated, and the various possibilities of transferring them to the viewer, have opened a new and interesting path for these professionals. “The ability to cover all aspects of the game allows you to tell the story in a more attractive way, not only for aesthetic criteria but also journalistic,” says sports journalist Ricardo Sierra, from Moister, who considers that we are experiencing an “extraordinary” change. .

And it is that all those involved, each from their professional side,

 are doing their bit to make Allegan a real show , including the clubs themselves, “who have gone from seeing all these audiovisual requirements as an obligation to seeing them as a authentic opportunity to take your brand to all corners of the world”, Sánchez reaffirms. And all this, this sum of visions, implications and technological improvements in each link in the chain, is what has allowed us to say today that we are visually facing one of the most impressive leagues in the world.

In the next stage (mini basketball) the basic elements of technique and behavior during the game are transmitted, with knowledge of which it is already possible to play basketball at a simple level. These stages are also accompanied by practice matches and participation in small tournaments, in which it is more important to be able to share, enjoy and recreate through a sporting activity, regardless of the result.

In the following stages, the technique is used at a higher level and the elements and technical fundamentals of basketball. An attempt is also made to give examples of individual and collective behavior in both attack and defense.

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