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Pasion, pain, anguish, joy and above all, loyalty to the brand, to the team. In today’s article we talk about sports marketing

Sport as business

It is surprising how the number of sports-related businesses has evolved exponentially, becoming an extremely important factor in the economy. In addition to this, it causes worldwide expectation, and people are even more attracted by passion, that is, this attraction touches the hearts of fans, which generates profitability since passion generates consumers.

In the early 1980s, the NBA Finals were broadcast on tape delay in the United States. Today, they are one of the most watched (live) sporting events on the planet. At the same time, those who went jogging for fun were in the minority. Today, running is one of the most practiced epl중계 on the planet. Both are examples of what sports marketing can achieve.

From large football clubs to the neighborhood gym, through distributors and sellers of sports equipment, federations and associations and, of course, brands and athletes themselves come together in sports marketing. Its objectives: to boost the business and reinforce branding. New technologies and social networks are taking it to a new level. But, let us start at the beginning:

What is sports marketing? 

Sport marketing is a subdivision of marketing which is focused on both the promotion of sporting events and the promotion of other products and services related to sporting events and teams.

It is a service in which the item to be promoted can be both a physical product and a brand. The goal is to provide clients with strategies to promote sports or promote something related to their sports brand.

Sports marketing is part of the essence of sport, we see merchandising everywhere, on the fields, television commercials, redesign of team logos, anthems… It is a study phenomenon.

Sports marketing were born from the hand of Philip Knight co-founder of Nike, who signed the first millionaire contracts with athletes. He also made sports shoes and sportswear a luxury, from then on, there were many brands that adopted this same philosophy and embarked on their path towards association with the values ​​of sport and athletes.

Differentiate the types of sports marketing:

Marketing of sporting events when the marketing effort is devoted to the promotion of an event, we speak of marketing of sporting events. Its objective is twofold. On the one hand, publicize the existence of the sporting event. On the other hand, give visibility to the sponsors who have committed to said event.

Marketing of sports products or services when watch, drink, car or any other product or service companies sponsor a specific event, a team or a specific athlete, these brands try to associate their name with the values ​​of said sport, thus trying to attract the audience of that sport to your brand.

This type of sports marketing is characterized lately by the use that improves the level of loyalty of brand users. This is what makes some athletes sign really millionaire contracts to display the logo of a brand on or off the tracks.

Marketing of entities or athletes: When it is sports entities or athletes who work to improve their brand image and visibility. For example, FC Barcelona’s strategy of displaying the Unicef ​​logo on its shirt made a great work with the image of the team, which came to sign a millionaire sponsorship contract with Rakutenchi. In fact, the most expensive contract in football today.

Define the emotions that this sport generates

Sports marketing directly target the emotions of sports fans. Therefore, you must find athletes and idols that fit the vision that you want to convey and its history.


Customers in the sports market are fanatics. While consumers of most goods and services see value and functional benefit in a purchase (which detergent will be better?), fan evaluation is entirely emotional.

Sports marketing does not seek to attract consumers, it seeks to attract fans. Building a strong fan base is the main difference between sports marketing and traditional marketing.

Fans of the Guarani club, which is one of the largest in our country. Not missing games and that the team feels the support is essential at the time of the game.5. RUN ONLINE AND OFFLINE CAMPAIGNS

To appeal to precisely those feelings, they have to figure out a way to reciprocate those values ​​and get attention. For this they can combine online strategies with strategies in the physical world to create a better impact.

In 2010, Olympique de Marseille (France) won Ligue 1 and the Coupe de la Ligue and went to Paris (city of the eternal rival) to flood them with club shirts and badges.

Create sport events

• As the “Day of the Fan”

• Charity or friendly sporting events.

• Regional, national and international tours.

• That fans can attend training sessions.

• Press conferences.

Tours of the stadium or sports center

One of the cases is voting to see what they want to appear on the shirt, on the website or in the name of a slogan for the club or athlete in question. Another example of this idea is that of EA Sports FIFA 17 (yes, video games are also an important part of this business). In this promotion, fans will have the opportunity to vote for the player who will appear on the cover of one of the best-selling video games in the world.

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Sports Trends

Recreational sports activities in the community



blogpostimage 1 1

Recreation: According it is the set of physical-recreational-sports or tourist activities to which man voluntarily dedicates him in his free time, for active rest, fun and individual development. Through this, the needs of man’s movement are satisfied to achieve as a result: health and happiness.

Free time: As that part of the reproduction time in which the degree of compulsory nature of the activities is not necessary and by virtue of having satisfied the vital human needs at a basic level, any of them can be chosen.

Group It is a small group, it is a relatively stable formation, which supposes a permanent and direct form of communication, it has a certain structure of interaction determined by the characteristic of joint activity.

    At the discretion of the author of this research,

 He considers that a group is the union of several individuals with the same objectives, interests and goals.

People’s Council: It is an organ of the local People’s Power, of a representative nature, invested with the highest authority for the performance of its functions. It includes a given territorial dimension, supports the municipal assembly of People’s Power in its exercise of its powers, the best understanding and attention to the needs and interests of the inhabitants of its radius of action. (Wikipedia free encyclopedia).

Physical activity: It is defined as a systematic activity that pursues the multilateral physical development of those who practice it, positively influencing the adequate levels of physical and mental health.

    In all recreational sports physical activity,

Man is the main protagonist to take into account because his health is at stake

    If we understand that man as a biological being and a social entity has always needed a space and a time to recreate; We must recognize that recreational nba중계 activities are obviously conditioned, among other factors, by: the prevailing social regime, the intellectual level of the individual, their economic level, the traditions and the recreational sports offers available.

    Cuban society has as its fundamental premise the satisfaction of man’s needs, both material and spiritual. Since the last period of the insurrectionary struggle, the foundations of what would subsequently serve to generate the achievement of this objective throughout the length and breadth of the country began to be prepared. In this way we see how, day by day, the achievements of the Revolution on fronts as dissimilar as they are: education, health and sports, the latter being where the entire range of physical culture is contained, divided into: education physical, sports training, therapeutic and prophylactic Physical Culture and physical recreation, among the most significant and comprehensive.

    The physical activity that is organized, in addition to recreational games, are part of the conception of a strategy for the development of participatory sport, based on the real possibilities of each territory, all of which has allowed raising the level of mass participation in the community; as well as the wealth of opinions through different projects created and endorsed by the national department of physical recreation and the national commissions of the different sports that are included in the study plan as a reason for physical recreation. With this project we managed to occupy the free time of adolescents in recreational sports activities.

    The specific historical conditions in which the contemporary world lives,

 Marked by complex processes of change, transformation or social readjustment, demand educational reforms in student centers and in residential areas for adolescents and young people, to guide them in healthier recreational sports activities. and healthy in the occupation of free time, taking into account the great responsibility of the recreation technicians of INDER, National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, which raises within its objectives the development of healthy physical activities, for the full satisfaction of the interests and preferences of the people, taking into account the age groups.

    For the organization of recreation, in the communities

it is necessary to carry out various activities such as: games, sports, cultural, manual, rhythmic activities, hiking, camping and ecological tourism. The participation of adolescents in the organized realization of recreational sports activities, which contributes largely to their self-training, since by managing to function in the participation of different recreational sports activities, where they freely express their wishes to practice the different recreational sports, With increased knowledge and experiences, they are marked for a long time in their bodies and minds.

    In the renovating rest and the integral improvement of the well-being of the individual, social, family and collective lifestyle, carried out in the communities, new solutions to old problems will be promoted, new solutions to new problems, alternatives that in general will improve, the occupation of free time of adolescents in the practice of different recreational sports activities.

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Sports Trends

Stamina for first division football is not found in other sports



blogpostimage 1 1

 NCAA Football Division I has endured corruption including spectacle shaving, steroids, fraud, arrests, and underhand refereeing (along with various conference officials and game officials at the polls). However, it seems that the public is more than willing to accept the shortcomings of the first division football system.

Many writers attribute this tolerance of college football to serious flaws in the system. Many have written that corruption, greed and flaws in the bowl system make a sport great. These flaws force people to talk about playing college football, these flaws make people addicted to the game, and they argue that these flaws need not be changed or that the college football game will fail. These “sports” writers do not understand college football. The game in college is football – despite system flaws. Changing these shortcomings will make a better 해외스포츠중계 even better.

What makes college football really great is that it can be the highest

 level pure sport that a person can see. Most college football players never get paid to play football. For most players, college football is the top level football they play. Every year college football produces a handful of elite players, players that even casual fans see as unique. These players are going to play in the NFL and enjoy their little time in NCAA football. The rest of the players play more or less for the pleasure of playing football.

Are there any rewards for players? Yes, they get free education.

 This is a lot of money for those who haven’t seen it lately. Do all players have a romantic view of the game of football, and do they really like the game? of course not. Many players see this as a business and believe that the NCAA uses them as interchangeable parts in the big business of college football. However, college football has a lot of good players and good stories, and the good outweighs the bad.

There were stories and players who showed what it means to be a student athlete. These are players who play according to NCAA rules, and they make themselves better through hard work and sacrifice. Despite being fired for defeat, they are coaches and staff who realize that if their players lead decent and productive lives after graduation, they will achieve more.

Fans feel what is good in college football,

 so they support it, even in the current state of evil and corruption. Students see players walking through them, even though the players are great people on campus, they still have to go to the same classes and face the same problems as normal students.

There are players who understand what it means for a student to exemplify what it means to be an athlete. Eric Weddill, a former Utah player and now San Diego Charger, was one such player. BYU’s Brandon Goskins is currently one such player. Lovell Edwards, one of the best coaches to pass on the legacy of good Division I football to the next generation, shows that Weber State head coach Ron McBride understands the integrity of the game.

What are the other sports that have a team for each region? What other players have been on the team for at least four years? What other sport has given fans so many classic games and disappointments? Is it another sport that allows all teams to start on an equal footing and allows the team a magical year without defeat? What other sport has created so many local legends?

There is something special about the start of every college football season. It is important to remember the good things about sports in order to enjoy what you see.

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Sports Trends

Sports advertising marketing



bigstock Royal Trophy Golf Tournament 6715623

According to the American Marketing Association (AMA), the marketing process of creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offers is a set of institutions and processes that are valuable to consumers, customers, partners, and society at large. Companies use different methods to promote their products and services and reach their customers. Some of the most common strategies that companies currently use to inform consumers about their products include the use of advertisements at sporting events, signatures of elite athletes to promote their brands and the sport.

There are many sports enthusiasts and people who play sports as a hobby.

 Some fans come to the stadium before every game to support and encourage teams and players in their individual sports. Marketers saw the sport’s popularity among people as an opportunity to promote their brands and products. This can be seen in events such as the Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament, the Spanish Football League BBVA Bank and the British Football Barclays Premier League. These companies support these events by sponsoring them and using the company name in the events. This is a great strategy because they can get to know consumers. The people who participate in the game promote all brands and names and sponsor events around them wherever they go.

Another strategy that marketers use to promote their products is negotiating with the hottest athletes.

These athletes have contracted millions of dollars to use their products to provide consumer reviews. Brands and products do not necessarily have to do with sports. Examples of this marketing method are contracts with companies such as tennis player Roger Federer, Mercedes-Benz, National Swiss Bank and Gillette. Two of the most famous players of the time, Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), have contracts with companies such as Adidas, Nike, Armani Exchange and Herbalife. The advantage of famous athletes promoting their products is that they have a lot of confidence in their sports fans when they see their favorite athletes announce and see their products and brands. This marketing method also raises the awareness of fans who constantly keep an eye on their favorite 해외축구중계 teams and athletes.

Finally, another well-known strategy used by marketers is to use television commercials to broadcast sporting events. Thanks to the achievements of communication technology, it has become possible to broadcast and watch sports events all over the world. This creates the conditions for victory. This is because sports teams can reach new fans around the world and marketers can reach more consumers through TV commercials through advertisements in squares and fields. TV commercials during breaks and breaks.

The use of sports teams and professional athletes as a means of marketing

and promoting products is increasing. Today we see different brands and products promoted in every sport we watch. Whether the brand is sports related or not, companies can sell their products and improve the lives of their customers through the value they provide. Sport, on the other hand, does not only bring passion and emotion to people. They harmonize them and improve the quality of life in the communities in which they are located.

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