Technique: Workshop with questionnaire applied individually and with the Group.

    The interview is a form that the survey adopts where the communication is verbal between the researcher and the respondent, in this case the interviewee. Use constitutes a means for qualitative knowledge of the phenomena or about certain personal aspects, for which good communication, including empathy, between interviewer and interviewee is decisive, in order to know:

    What are the problems that affect recreation?

    How to solve it?

Group interview

    This consisted of asking questions to the group of adolescents about carrying out the activities: their importance, if they were of interest, satisfaction for the participants, interests for future programs and the subjects were given the opportunity to choose and plan their own activities. These techniques gave us the results, making the SWOT Matrix


  • A recreation program in the Sector for adolescents is not conceived.
  • The tastes and preferences of adolescents are not known.
  • Deficit of implements and sports means for the execution of activities.
  • Deficient culture of free time of adolescents.
  • There is no motivation for adolescents to join recreational sports activities.
  • There is more preference of adolescents for passive computer games.
  • threats
  • Poor allocation of sports supplies.
  • The increase of Computer Games premises in the Municipality.
  • The increase in television programs and channels that distort reality.
  • That the Bolivarian Mayor’s Office undergoes a referendum and ceases to be represented by the PSUV.


From the diagnosis grows the Interest for the participation of the recreational physical activities of their taste and preference

The revival of recreational epl중계 areas for the practice of recreational physical activities.

The project increases the motivations to participate in the activities.

Have a Physical Culture specialist to carry out the project activities.

Concern of the community council in carrying out recreational physical activities in occupying and taking advantage of the free time of adolescents.


  • Decision of the communal council to support, potential and develop physical recreational projects in the community.
  • Possibility of new technologies in the management of physical recreational activities.
  • Increase and systematize training for teachers and activists.
  • Functioning of the physical recreation manager group in the Council.
  • That sports media be increased in the Council.
  • That there is support from the Mayor’s Office for the activities of the Council.

Of analysis and synthesis

    It will be used to understand the essence of the problem under study, highlighting the different indicators that demonstrate the motivation of adolescents and the socialization between them due to tastes and preferences.

Of empirical methods


    It will be aimed fundamentally at determining tastes and preferences, observing the activities they carry out and their participation.

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