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Best Expensive Laptop




One reason why many individuals think about purchasing a high-end laptop is due to their premium specifications that give seamless performance. The expensive laptops have enough power to effectively replace a desktop computer. If you’re searching for the top model, you’re in the right spot.

The most expensive laptop isn’t always the best option however there are occasions that even the most expensive laptops not be able to meet the minimum requirements for the application you are running. In a few instances there may be hardware/software compatibility problems. It is therefore advised to check that the system you’re buying meets the software’s specifications.

Laptops are used daily for personal as well as professional tasks. Even though you don’t require the most powerful device to accomplish these tasks, because they have a desktop-quality GPU, CPU and high-resolution displays as well as premium build quality and so on. They do not compromise on performance or durability and can last much longer than a low-end laptop.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo

The ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo brings an impressive gaming laptop that is powered by the AMD Ryzen 9 processor, an impressive GPU, and plenty of memory for operating and storage. The laptop is built to run graphic-intensive games as well as applications such as 3D Max, Adobe Premiere, AutoCAD, etc.

Its Ryzen 9 5900HX processor operates at the base rate of 3.3GHz. The maximum turbo speed is 4.6GHz and an exclusive GeForce 3000 graphics processor enables graphics-intensive games and design software without putting on the sweat.

Its 32GB DDR4 SDRAM and 1TB of SSD storage memory offer the best platform to take you gaming experience to the highest level. The Windows-10 Pro edition being part of the bundle it is equipped with security features to guard your data and device.

Its 15.6-inch FHD G-Sync monitor comes with a fast 30Hz refresh speed. It offers realistic, vibrant visuals with an resolution of 1920 1080 pixels.

The ASUS ROG includes an unattachable, power-integrated gaming keyboard that is RGB-lit. The touchpad is smaller than what you’d like, but it can transform into a Numpad that can be converted to digital. It’s a big deal. ROG beast weighs in at 5.47 pounds and is as large for laptops. The design lets you choose various positions that allow ventilation and airflow for this powerful machine.

The model includes a Type C USB 3.2 Gen 2 with Display Port and Power Delivery as well as Three USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports, 3.5mm combo audio Jack RJ45 Ethernet Jack to an LAN connector and HDMI 2.0b You are never short of ports to connect externally. Wi-Fi 6 as well as Bluetooth 5 provide avenues for high-tech wireless connectivity.

Despite using every bit of a battery with a capacity of six cells and 90Wh with optimized configurations, the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Dual provides the capacity to last for six hours. Although gaming performance is improved when powered by power however, the ROG beast is capable of running for some hours with no power supply. If cost is not an issue, ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo is a top-of-the-line gaming laptop that lets users to easily navigate through the design as well as 3D modelling software.

MSI GE66 Raider

It is the MSI GE66 Raider has upgraded its battery following the GE65 downfall. It comes with a great display, a fast CPU and an GPU combination that gives an extra value for every dollar you spend on this machine. The Raider is able to be used to be used for gaming purposes, or as a laptop that can be used for work by graphic creators, ML enthusiasts as well as video editors and music producers, etc.

The Intel Core i7-10870H comes with eight cores running at the base rate of 2.2GHz. It has the ability to reach the maximum speed of 5GHz. It’s paired with NVIDIA GeForce 3080 RTX with 16GB of dedicated memory to provide the best gaming performance.

Its 32GB DDR4 SDRAM as well as the 1TB SSD offer a powerful combination of multitasking and more speedy data read and write speeds. If you’re an Architect or 3D modeler This laptop provides an impressive base for your work. It comes with Windows 10 Home edition.

Its 15.6-inch FHD screen has a resolution of 1920 1080 pixels. A refresh speed of 300 Hz, anti-glare wide-view angles of an ultra-thin bezel display delivers maximum output to the screen. The MSI laptop features the per-key RGB lighting keyboard that can be controlled through SteelSeries engine software, which helps gamers. MSI has removed the numeric pad, which gives more room for keys as well as the touchscreen is robust and broad enough to accommodate multi-touch gestures.

At 5.25 pounds The laptop is surprisingly heavy. Its design is basic that leaves much to be desired in terms of appearance. The laptop comes with 5 USB ports (3 Type-A USB ports and two USB Type C ports) as well as an Ethernet port and an HDMI Mini-Display port and An SD card reader and an audio Jack. Wireless-N 6E Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5 keep the laptop connected to the internet and other devices, without the hassle of wires.

The four cell 99.9Wh battery is a significant improvement over the predecessor, with a better backup that can last up to six hours. If you are able to ignore an annoying fan, then the powerhouse that is a laptop gaming offers the most value for your budget by its performance and its stunning visuals.

HP Omen 15

If you’re looking for ample storage options, the HP Omen 15 brings a strong combination. The SSD equipped with a fast processor lets you play graphically demanding games like World of Warcraft, PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, and much more.

The Intel Core i7-10750H processor provides the power of processing featuring eight processors which run at speeds of up to 5 GHz. The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 that has 8GB dedicated memory with a CPU that can handle graphics-intensive games such as Farcry, Hitman, Metro Exodus, Civ 6, LOL, Overwatch, etc.

The 32GB DDR4 SDRAM is a lot of operating memory that can be used to multitask. Gaming, designing or editing software, or working with huge databases, the memory can flow through it. It is Windows-10 Home comes as a part of this edition.

HP Omen brings a 15.6-inch FHD screen that has 300Hz of refresh. With a resolution of 1920 1080 pixels. This higher refresh rate provides smoother and more realistic images and makes the experience real and memorable. Omen laptop Omen laptop features a huge adjustable keyboard in RGB style that has a separate numeric pad. The touchpad is spacious enough to have separate right and left-click keys.

Its HP laptop weighs around 5.12 pounds. A three-way ventilated black chassis is what holds the laptop together. It features three USB Type A ports, one USB Type C port One Thunderbolt port and an HDMI output and a headphone/microphone combination jack and an Ethernet port. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5, and Bluetooth 5, the laptop is designed to be future-proof in terms of wireless connectivity.

The 69Whr 69-cell battery has an endurance of five hours or more, dependent on optimal use. Despite issues with heating that are quick and the battery’s low life the HP Omen offers the best battery with high-performance processing and storage as well as amazing display.

Razer Blade 15 Studio

Its Razer Blade 15 Studio Edition is a workhorse that can be carried around to creators who are on the go. It combines an impressive processor, as well as an OLED touch screen with 4K resolution display, and a powerful NVIDIA GPU within a slim form factor.

The Intel Core i7-10875H comes with eight cores that can clock as high as 5.1GHz. The CPU, when combined together with an NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 GPU, is an ideal partner for 3D animation games, game development, etc.

Its 32GB DDR4 SDRAM and 1TB SSD function to provide a reliable combination for seamlessly loading and operating 3D rendering and design software such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Blender, Revit, 3D Max, Maya, etc. If you’re an avid player, this laptop does not disappoint in that regard. It is able to handle games such as FarCry, Tomb Raider, as well as others. Windows 10 Home edition is available. Windows 10 Home edition comes in the bundle.

The 15.6-inch OLED 4K screen that supports touch is the crown jewel to the crown on this Studio edition. Protected by Corning Gorilla Glass this screen is able to show a variety of colors in 3840 2160 pixels. Its HD cameras infrared sensor are able to support face recognition.

Its RGB backlit keyboard can be configured as a single button. A large touchpad sits in the middle of the lower portion on the panel. It has a firm feeling to it, with a fluid response system for multi-finger movements.

It weighs 4.6 pounds and is available in the minimalistic, chic and stylish aluminum look. Despite its small size it comes with three USB Type-A ports. a USB Type C (Thunderbolt) port and the HDMI port, a mini Display port as well as one SD card reader as well as an 3.5mm audio connector. Wireless-LAN 6 as well as Bluetooth 5 give access to the most recent technology for wireless communication.

The Razer laptop has the battery backup of six hours, which is a higher performance when you consider the processing power. If you’re creative using Adobe Creative Cloud apps like Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and more. The Quadro 5500 is the perfect platform to help you get through the day, provided you ignore the absence in ISV certification.

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Technology Trends

Link Building to Promote Website Traffic



link building

All that every Link Builder strives is to get quality traffic to his website. The hard fact is this does not happen naturally. It is only through conscious efforts and impeccable strategy that a website can be made to receive quality traffic. It needs to be understood that the output is directly proportional to the inputs that the Link Builder uses for his process which involves the selection of keywords for his content, platforms for content and ads distribution, audiences for targeting, marketing  funnel for generating leads, URL links and CTAs for customer engagements, landing pages for information, referring web pages and websites, external websites, influencers, strategies and concepts, topics  and ideas, narrative styles for stories, etc.

Link Building, however, is not random linking of websites and web pages. It is a careful process of perfect and precise linking of websites and web pages that are highly relevant and of high quality to get intended and desired time-bound results. The results of Link Building especially the website traffic are measurable for various pre-set metrics and criteria such as traffic sources, type of traffic, audience profiles like audience language, age, gender psychographics and demographics, geographical locations, referral media, quality of traffic, average time at websites, web user behavior, goal conversions, devices, operating systems, keywords, search engines, etc.

Check more of these in detail below in order to learn simple and practical steps to improve your Link Building process and promote quality traffic to your website. To hire the best seo services canada, click here.

Identify Platforms That Bring More Traffic

Different web platforms have differing potential to generate traffic what with their popularity, users base, level of growth, relevance for your business, features and advantages, ability to reach potential audience in short term or long term, inbound or outbound marketing nature, efficiency to strike and impress your potential audience, cost efficiency, perceived brand value, audience types, attractiveness and relevance to present day users and demands, technological superiority, purpose of the platform, etc. For example, if you want to reach out especially to middle age families and promote family and home based solutions, products and services, Facebook posts and advertisement options will be the right fit. If your objective is to reach out to professionals and entrepreneurs to promote and build a professional and business network or community, the right option will be LinkedIn. If you want to promote viewership and followers for your lifestyle products and brand, the ideal platforms to choose are Instagram and Pinterest. If you promote a series of video explainers or videos for your products, projects, equipment, professional or consulting services, expertise or educational services, your best platform will be YouTube and such popular video platforms. If you are looking for service providers with Perfection in Link Building, check out here.

Find Content Topics That Connects More Audience

As new scenarios and technologies are continuously emerging and reshaping the overall global, regional and local landscapes and atmosphere creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses, it is paramount to pick the right topics for your content posts and news posts to get relevant with the trending situations and connect better with your audience. On the other hand, if you are offline with what is going on around and missed to recognize the emerging trends and thus failed to address or mention the current events and happenings, your content has no takers and your Link Building efforts will go completely in vain. So, be open and flexible with your content creation in order to capture and write those happening moments and be highly relevant to current situations and popular demands. 

Select Keywords That are More Popular & Relevance

Keywords are the connectors of your content with Search Engines, in-site search box algorithms and eventually with your Target Audiences (TG). So, select keywords that best represent your industry, products, product uses and applications, brand, audiences, new age user terms, etc., to become relevant to Google, audience and industry.

Identify Content Types for Effective Distribution

Every product and brand has its own unique value proposition and appeals, and so does every industry and audience attributes. So, use the appropriate content types or a mix or combination of content types such as website, videos, blogs, social media, articles, ads, infographics, email, voice and chat group platforms, cross promotion platforms, business network platforms and chat groups, image sharing platforms, et al and thus, make your Marketing Funnel highly relevant and purposeful for your goal: promoting website traffic.

Use the Most Effective Anchor Texts for Backlinks

The virtual billboards and advertising boards are the Anchor Texts that you use for your URL links or Backlinks in your content. So, make your Anchor Texts as appealing as possible like those huge billboards and advertisements that never miss an eye on the busy business streets and highways. Make your Anchor Texts highly visible yet simple but strategically placed so that each of your Anchor Texts generate clicks that land in your websites from quality customers and potential audiences.

Choose the Relevant Landing Pages for URL Click Throughs

If you are using a Marketing Funnel to nurture potential audiences through a wide or steep Funnel, ensure you plug the holes in the funnel through quality content fills and interaction and engagement experiences. In the Funnel, Referral or Affiliate Marketing, the context, relevance and quality of the Landing Pages determine how the users behave in the site and step forward to other pages and links. So, make your Landing Pages highly informative, purposeful and interactive to make the customers stay a long time and be willing to interact with links and content further.

Prepare the Audience Profiles That are Most Suitable

What use does it make if you train your guns so efficiently but fail to shoot the target accurately? The whole objective of Link building comes to no use if you fail to connect with the right websites, links and platforms that have your potential audience. If you are doing Inbound or Outbound Marketing, all you have to do is to perfect your audience targeting to get the right results which is promoting traffic to your website.


All planned and executed well with the right strategy in place and a great team on the task, your goals are no longer in just dreams, but realized and actuated in practical as well. 

read more at: General Magazine

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Technology Trends

How can real-time dynamic watermarking be used to protect sports broadcasts and live events?




Live and audio-visual content piracy costs creators and distributors of original content a lot of money and time. If you want to stop the illegal streaming of live content, you need to find and stop the unauthorised streamers quickly, typically within 15 minutes. As 4K UHD and HDR content become more widely used, watermarking will need to be able to process the video data in real time while the video is playing back.

Digital output protection outside of the security perimeter provided by traditional techniques such as DRM protected content and CAS may not be effective in the fight against piracy.. This means that the content must be identified outside of the client’s video terminal in order to be tracked. In this case, the use of transactional watermarking becomes necessary. The ID of the source is encoded in the video pixels, and any streamed content can be traced back to the source of infringement or insensitive subscribers. video watermarking solutions that protect live-streamed content must allow licence holders to disrupt viewing within minutes of streaming by detecting and decoding watermarks in real time. Since “non-blind” approaches require a comparison with an original unmarked video, it is necessary to remove the watermarks directly from the video in order to quickly identify pirated content.

It is possible to watermark image sequences that record a 3D scene and extract the watermark from any rendered image generated for any arbitrary view angle, as opposed to the first two methods, which only  protect the watermark information for the two key components of 3D scene representation (geometry and texture). If you’re using dynamic watermarking, you may embed information on the video asset while it’s being played back at the user’s end, such as the user’s email, date  and time of watching, their IP address, or even their business logo. Because of their dynamic nature, they provide additional protection for confidential content that  is not intended to be shared or altered. DAI (dynamic ad insertion) is also activated via dynamic watermarking in order to optimise addressable ad income.

Content infringers typically need time and stability to plan hacking, trial-and-error strategies, and develop reverse-engineering techniques. Using dynamic watermarking, content creators can quickly and easily change and adapt watermarks, even modifying them for each live event if needed.

Because dynamic watermarks are software-based, they can easily reach a wide range of devices that sports fans watch matches on. They are also undetectable to the viewer and pirates, and can be quickly scaled up because they are based on the cloud. In addition, they are able to operate on low video resolutions to identify the source of piracy, as well as on high video resolutions. For each viewer, dynamic watermarks appear at random points in the video and are personalised to their preferences. Sharing or recording the video makes the piracy source obvious. In addition, they are difficult to remove without compromising the quality of the video clip, both of which make it unsuitable for further use in the future. During illegal acquisition (camera recording, screencasting, etc.) and storage, some dynamic watermarks are also kept (re-encoding, aspect ratio change, etc.).

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Technology Trends

Choose a Theme for Your WooCommerce Store



free woocommerce themes

8Theme has been offering the best WordPress WooCommerce themes to our customers since 2010, and over the years we’ve seen which designs work best and which don’t. With the latest WooCommerce update, our Woo themes have all been updated to handle the new functions, and they’re now more beautiful than ever! Here are some of our top WordPress WooCommerce themes that you can customize to your heart’s content:

If you’re starting an online business, one of the first things you’ll need to do is choose a WordPress theme to define the look and feel of your site.

Thousands of possibilities are available from a range of sources, with varying levels of quality and efficacy. How can you know which option is best for your store? Begin by figuring out why your theme is so essential, what makes a strong theme, and where to begin your search. Thanks to a free plugin that can be downloaded from the Plugin Repository or installed straight from your WordPress admin, WordPress WooCommerce themes come with basic store features out of the box.

The options of WooCommerce store themes on WordPress are extensive, and the choice can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out. If you’re planning to create an online store to sell your products, there are several factors you need to take into account when choosing your store theme. Here’s what you need to know about WordPress WooCommerce store themes with 8theme selection of eCommerce WordPress themes for WooCommerce so that you find the best one for your business needs!

Why is the right theme important?

Someone’s first impression of your site takes around 0.05 seconds to develop, and that impression influences whether they leave, remain or even buy something. Because your theme has a direct influence on on-site design, it also has an impact on this first impression. A nice theme encourages people to look around and buy things.

A theme, however, isn’t only about aesthetics; it also affects marketing, conversions, and other factors. Your theme has an impact on all of these: a sluggish, unfriendly, difficult-to-use, badly-coded website ranks poorly in search results and does not stimulate purchases.

Qualities of a good theme

If you run a WordPress-powered online store, your first priority is finding a great theme that complements your brand, showcases products in an attractive way, and improves user experience. Before settling on one, however, there are certain characteristics you should look for. Here’s what to consider when choosing good WordPress WooCommerce themes.

Has a professional, high-quality design that meets your needs every

The narrative will be distinctive in this regard. Begin by attempting to comprehend your target audience. What types of designs do they like? Do they like a peaceful, understated aesthetic of bright colors and eye-catching graphics?

Then consider your products. Do you require product images to be displayed? Select a theme that emphasizes visuals. Do you want to draw attention to certain details, such as materials or dimensions? To symbolize them, use a theme that contains icons.

Many industry-specific themes exist, and they might be excellent choices because they incorporate many of the design aspects you want. The Threads theme includes everything you need if you’re a boutique: clothing-specific templates, elegant store, and archive pages, and amazing related product designs. If you offer handcrafted items, the Artisan theme is a good choice, since it has image-focused page designs & product templates for collections, galleries, and more. 

Examine several examples of stores that employ the theme you’re thinking about. Most themes come with a live trial version that you can try out; take the time to go through the live demo to see how it works. You should be able to quickly explore the demo and see it in action for your company.

Integrates with WooCommerce

While WooCommerce works with any WordPress WooCommerce themes, using a theme designed exclusively for online businesses guarantees that the look of pages, articles, and goods is consistent. In the list of theme features, look for “WooCommerce Integration.”

Offers everything you need without being bloated

Many themes include page builders, giant menus, wish lists, pop-ups, and other features in addition to design. While these are useful if you require them, don’t select a theme with 50 features if you only require five; this will result in an overly bloated, sluggish, and difficult-to-manage website. The Block Shop theme is created with this aim in mind. It prioritizes efficiency over frills, offering all of the customizing choices you’ll need without being overbearing.

Is mobile-friendly

More than half of all online traffic is generated by mobile devices. You’re alienating a large portion of your prospective consumers if your website is difficult to use on phones and tablets. Open a live demo on your phone while evaluating a theme. Is there anything that has been chopped off or is too tiny to read? How well does the demo fare in Google’s mobile-friendly test? 

The Bistro theme is an excellent example of a mobile-friendly theme: pictures, text, and goods automatically resize on mobile devices. There’s also a menu bar that links to account, search, and cart capabilities, so it’s always there when consumers need it.

Simple, Clean, and Modern

Simplicity is an important characteristic of a high-quality WooCommerce theme. The whole point of having an online store is to make it easy for users to find what they’re looking for and place an order. Don’t overload your website with excessive images, fancy animations, or other distracting elements; keep things clean and simple. 

Of course, you can add in subtle visual elements like subtle animations but try not to overdo it because too much eye candy can actually distract from what you’re trying to sell! Likewise, don’t be afraid to use a few fancy fonts—they help your visitors identify you as an authority within your niche and let customers know that they can trust your recommendations on products.

Loads quickly

Visitors anticipate a website to load within two seconds or less, according to 47% of visitors. They’ll go shopping somewhere else if they have to wait too long. While several things influence website speed, your theme plays a significant effect. Use tools like GTMetrix or PageSpeed Insights to test the performance of the live demo; all you have to do is input the demo URL and you’ll get a comprehensive speed report. Choose another option if it loads too slowly.

Premium Quality & Support

8Theme creates stunning designs which are optimized for maximum speed and security. Being a leading WordPress WooCommerce Store Theme provider, we back up all our products with our personal guarantee that guarantees you the highest level of quality & support. In case you need any assistance regarding customizing or setting up your theme, contact us. We’ll be happy to help you with your new website!


A WordPress WooCommerce themes is an integral part of your e-commerce website if you plan on selling products online, and 8heme offers the best of the best in terms of WordPress themes. With these themes, you can start selling online in no time, with an easy-to-use theme that adapts to your website design needs and puts your products front and center on your e-commerce website. All of our WordPress WooCommerce themes are customizable and easy to modify while being coded to help your website load as quickly as possible – which matters when you’re running an e-commerce business!

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