We’re an integral and transnational part of the always growing CapeRecovery platoon, a keen, hardworking and passionate group of individualities who have an overriding desire to give choice and the loftiest quality treatment possible in the field of Dependence and Recovery services. We’re veritably fortunate to live in the beautiful megacity of Cape Town and we want to partake what Cape Town has to offer, in terms of recovery and recovery, with everyone. As an alcoholic in recovery for nearly 4 times myself, following a 25 time long dependence to alcohol and other medicines, I discovered the mannas of a sober life beyond my wildest dreams then in Cape Town and my desire is to get other people over then to witness what I believe is a wholly unique recovery experience.

The CapeRecovery gests with Rehab Cape Town

At Rehab Cape Town with CapeRecovery we’ve unique, exclusive recovery and recovery packages feeding for all dependences ( medicines as well as alcohol), process dependences ( coitus, Love, Porn, Gambling, Gaming,etc.), binary- opinion issues( including depression) and all eating diseases( including anorexia, bulimia, binge- eating and food dependence ). We look after each of our guests throughout the entire recuperation process from primary, secondary and tertiary recovery to continued care and completely supported sober living and knitter each Rehab Cape Town package to the individual requirements of each person. We also encourage involvement with the Rehab Cape Town Recovery Community and give openings for voluntary work with a variety of instigative systems! It’s the only full and affordable recovery and recovery experience of its kind set up anywhere in the world!

Rehab Cape Town with CapeRecovery- Recent News

Then at Rehab Cape Town, our end is to give the stylish quality Rehab experience for everyone who wants it. We’ve overseas callers landing then in Cape Town every week for a truly life changing and indelible CapeRecovery Experience. We only ever charge original prices and knitter all our packages to suit all budgets and dependences , process dependences and eating diseases. We’re also independent so we can give you options and access to original addicts in recovery who are formerly enjoying the CapeRecovery life!
Rehab and Recovery Treatment

Rehab Abroad with Cape Recovery

Overseas Dependence Treatment. Why is Rehab Abroad better and further cost effective? We give the complete service and we only ever charge original prices, frequently only charging a quarter of our counterparts. We also only choose to work with the places who we know are of the loftiest quality, partake our morality and will take exceptional care of all our guests.
Sober Living In Cape Town
I believe that the single most important stage of an individualities recovery trip, after the original recovery is the point at which they leave recovery and experience a lesser sense of freedom. We’ve the stylish supported sober living surroundings in Cape Town so our overseas guests can be completely supported amongst the inconceivable Cape Town Recovery Community!

Rehab Cape Town with Cape Recovery is the only unprejudiced, independent and honest, first point of contact platoon specifically for recovery abroad then in Cape Town. Our only concern is that we’re available for each of our guests throughout their entire Cape Town Rehab and Recovery process from primary recovery, secondary recovery, tertiary recovery, continued care recovery and sober living andre-integration homes. We specialise in the effective treatment of all dependences , behavioural dependences ( process dependences ) and eating diseases and only mate with completely registered rehabs, conventions and treatment centres( there are a lot of unrecorded places around charging overseas people inflated prices and putting lives at threat due to no professional responsibility so we can tell you the bones
to avoid). We only charge the smallest rates possible( frequently less that approaching the centre directly and noway more) and we preciselypre-asses each customer to find the stylish individualised route for them.

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