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Why Many High School Students Are Opting For A/L Program in Nigeria

Did you know that direct admission to a university is possible? It’s more than getting admission. It’s about being accepted to 200 levels.

Nigeria’s education system is often referred to as complex and requires more branding, especially for tertiary institutions. This is why the program was created. This program is designed to not only provide an alternative but also to bring in a more qualified student to represent the university.

This article will give you a brief overview of IJMB. This article will provide a guide on IJMB and explain how it has contributed to the development of the Nigerian education system.

What’s IJMB?

The IJMB website explains that IJMB stands for Interim Joint Matriculation Board. This is an advanced level (A-Level) program approved and administered by Ahmadu Bello University Abu Zaria.

IJMB was established to provide an alternative to admission at a tertiary college. Direct entry will allow the beneficiary to be admitted at the 200-level. This opportunity has been accepted by most Nigerian institutions to allow students to be qualified with their IJMB scores.

Many graduates today went through this process in order to be admitted to their university. Some continue to do the program.

Jamb results are valid for one year. IJMB results last forever.

Improving Educational Management Through the IJMB Program

According to the IJMB website about 20,000 students registered in IJMB in an annulled fashion from the IJMB Registration Portal

In Nigeria, illiteracy is high. Although people started to go to school to get degrees, some felt reluctant as they believed they had reached the age when Singler Act allowed them to receive adult education.

I will be sharing tips on how the Interim Joint Matriculation Board (IJMB) has helped improve Nigeria’s education management.

  1. IJMB is Fast

The education system in Nigeria is slow. Admissions can take a while. Many people were able to get in at the 200-level quickly thanks to IJMB.

Can be used in place of adult education

The Nigerian ministry of education has the mission to decrease illiteracy in Nigeria. Many people feel old enough to go back to school, but not everyone can.

IJMB stepped in to save the day. This is one reason that the Nigerian government approved the program. They will be able to educate many Nigerians.

They will feel amazing when they finish the program with exceptional results.

What should other countries learn

Many countries are working to reduce illiteracy through the education of the elderly and young via the IJMB Program.

Sometimes it is difficult to gain admission.

Passing a specific exam is required to be eligible for study at universities in certain countries. If they are able to do something similar in their country, they can help educate people and reduce their illiteracy rate.

Requirements for IJMB in Nigeria

  • At least 5 credits must be earned in WAEC, NECO or both.
  • GCE
  • Students who are still waiting on their results should mention this in their online registration
  • All applicants are eligible to apply
  • The centre is the student

IJMB Where can I get started?

This is a great place for you to start your education, especially if it’s a 4-year program. With only 2 years remaining, you can start at the 200 level.

These steps will get you started with the program

  • To get started, all you need to do is visit the website at IJMB

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