Capital Smart City, in comparison to Blue World City, is a more rewarding property investment project in the long term making it a much better option. These real estate projects, created by the well-known Habib Rafiq company, are among the best investment choices in Islamabad.

It is a difficult comparison to make between Capital Smart City and Blue World City because both are regarded as among Islamabad’s key investment locations in 2020.

A huge number of investors have selected either of these real estate projects to purchase real estate assets in order to maximize their earnings. Nevertheless, most people are still unsure about which investment to make in these newest housing projects.

As a result, we have included all the reasons that state why Capital Smart City should be preferred over Blue World City including advantages and drawbacks, in order for you to make the best investment decision.

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Top 7 Reasons Why Capital Smart City is Better Than Blue World City

Prime Location

When compared to Blue World City, Capital Smart City has one of the greatest locations. The community lies near the Thalian Interchange on the main Islamabad-Lahore highway. The Capital Smart City Islamabad is among the few societies in the district with a legal connection from the Lahore Islamabad Motorway.

Plot Value Over Time

Every investor hopes to generate a profit from their investment in the future. Plots in Capital Smart City are rising in value over time, and investors with a significantly larger investment capacity might consider investing in Capital Smart City.

In terms of investment, this is the primary and most important difference between Blue World City and Capital Smart City.

Total Area

Capital Smart City is a cutting-edge development that aims to deliver a luxurious living by utilizing cutting-edge infrastructure and technology. The hotel is within a few minutes’ drive from the New Islamabad International Airport.

Another reason that makes Capital Smart City preferred over Blue World City is, this eco-friendly neighborhood extends over 55,000 Kanals as compared to Blue World City which has a total land area of only 1500 Kanals.

Installment Program

Another important feature which makes Capital Smart City a better option than Blue World City is that plots can be purchased in installments which makes investment convenient and accessible to many real estate investors.

Capital Smart City Blocks

Capital Smart City Islamabad’s business and residential sectors include Overseas, Executive, and Harmony Park. Furthermore, the project offers Villas that have been fully designed and furnished.

As the Capital Smart City, Islamabad is Pakistan’s first smart city, with all of the amenities that a smart city should have, as well as overseas blocks that bring clients from all over the world. So, if we consider the business, this is the ideal investment chance to make a large profit.

Eco Friendly Environment

Furthermore, Capital Smart City is being constructed as an eco-friendly housing project, which means that all amenities and services in the housing developments are managed and safeguarded by smart applications and smart traffic control mechanisms.

This is another major reason which makes Capital Smart City a better choice than Blue world city as it does not have eco-friendly aspects.

Parks and Recreations

For nature enthusiasts, a number of parks and wildlife reserves are also being created. As a result, if you consider yourself a nature lover, you should make every effort to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad.


Capital Smart City Islamabad is preferred by investors over Blue World City Islamabad depending on their capacity and suitability. Both of these real estate projects are unique in their own way and deserve to be invested in 2020.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is ranked as Pakistan’s first smart city and the world’s 23rd which makes it the best investment option in Pakistan.

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