CBD Booming in the Animal Sector

If you own a pet, you must be aware of how frequently you need treats to train, please, and make your fur friend be on the same page with you. But, there have always been new introductions to the types of treats made available for your pet to consume. And CBD pet treats for dogs, cats, or others are new inclusions to the category.

For most pet owners, this might be something new for them! But CBD for pets has been in adoption for a long time now. The market has grown immensely for a long time, and to give you a perspective, it generated sales of around $629 million in 2021, which was 50% higher than what was recorded in 2020.

CBD itself was a big space among humans in 2020 as an efficient stress reliever, and people then started to test its effects on their pets as well. The usage of it among humans and pets is high because of the easy availability of all CBD-based products or treats. For humans, the CBD benefits are proven scientifically, but you can’t say the same when using such products for pets.

There are presumed and visible benefits recorded by pet owners in their fur friends after giving them CBD products. And the use of it spread through positive word of mouth. The trend was so hyped that the CBD product manufacturers also started curating their offerings with respect to pet consumption.

If you want more clarity on why CBD is booming across the animal sector, let’s dive deeper into it and understand the depth of it.

Why is CBD preferred in pet-favorite treats?

Hemp production was made legal in the United States at the federal level, but there were several regulations imposed upon it, which varied from one state to the other. The regulations revolve around determining whether the produced plant is hemp or marijuana.

All the CBD products that are readily available are derived from the hemp plant. The legitimate manufacturers do obey the federal laws and extract CBD only from the legally acquired hemp plants. People marketed CBD products for the calming effects that it has, and the COVID phase of 2020 saw a rise in its consumption among humans.

But then, CBD pet treats were introduced and promoted to pet parents for healing joint and muscle pain in dogs, cats, or other animals. It was mostly recommended for the older or heaviest pets who were dealing with ailments such as arthritis or others. CBD pet treats for dogs and cats helped them manage the condition.

Moreover, a lot of other CBD products are even marketed for pets to relieve their anxiety issues for situations such as being around fireworks or dealing with trauma.

Upon the surveys conducted year after year for pet owners to reveal their frequency of CBD product usage on pets, it is proven that dog owners are more inclined towards using such treats than cat owners.

What to Take Note of While Preferring CBD Treats for Pets?

If these facts have enticed you to get your pack of pet treats or products from the best CBD store in the town, there are still a few things you must know before heading out. You must have a clear idea of how CBD affects your pets and whether or not it actually influences their behavior and health.

It is advised that you take your pets to the veterinary experts and take their guidance before using any kind of CBD products on them. Let the pet doctors diagnose the condition of your fur friend and then recommend you upon trying such CBD oils, treats, or salves. This is a consideration because, even though pets and humans mostly experience the same health issues, their bodies are still different.

There might be some underlying issue in the anatomy of your pet, which might block the treatment’s response in their body. Hence, work a bit closely with the vets if you prefer CBD products for the pets. The pet doctors would determine how the CBD ingredient would react with any other medication that the pet is already consuming.

The statistical studies do say that more than 84% of all pet owners in the US found CBD treats for pets to be effective. As of 2021, more than 70% of pet owners actually talked to a vet before purchasing any CBD product, which is the approach expected by a sensible pet parent.

What’s the Status of Manufacturers in the Domain of Producing CBD Treats for Pets?

Manufacturers from all over the world have seen potential in this market, as the overall revenue generation recorded is quite high in the past few years. And there’s no stopping the demand flow. As per the consistent growth of consumption associated with CBD products for pets, the sales rate in the US is projected to reach around $1.1 billion by 2026.

Such a prediction is made as there have been positive discussions about various benefits that CBD products offer to pets. As per Nielsen, CBD pet product sales will represent around 3 to 5% of all cannabidiol sales within the United States by 2025.

With such productive visions at point, the investors are also showing collective interest in putting their money into the best CBD store that manufacture CBD products. And this is what has been contributing towards taking the demand scale of CBD for pets even further.

Bottom Line

The vets do recommend CBD products for pets but on a consistent regimen and upon an accurate diagnosis. There have been positive results recorded by professionals, which has led pet parents to be more inclined towards combining CBD pet treats for dogs and cats beyond the standard conventional treatments.

With the right dosage of CBD products for the pets, you will be able to lower the dosage of anti-anxiety or pain medications for the pets. Moreover, some of the specific pet owners have also reported that CBD eased the adverse effects of chemotherapy in pets suffering from cancer.

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