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Fort Bend Independent School District

Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) fosters and equips its students to achieve greatness beyond their imaginations. Serving over 79,600 students throughout Sugar Land, Meadows Place, the Fort Bend County portion of Missouri City and small parts of Arcola with 82 campuses operating 82 campuses each, this educational organization boasts inspiration and equips its pupils for success beyond imaginations.

Skyward FBISD trustees are selected on a rotating basis and represent seven regions within the district.

Career and Technical Education

Career Technical Education (CTE) offers learners challenging career pathways through real world practices and evolving skill sets, attitudes, and beliefs. CTE programs include coursework, internship/work-based learning experiences, student organizations/clubs, career exploration/prep activities/exploration courses/programs, industry certifications/certifications as well as postsecondary training opportunities.

At the James Reese Center, students from all eleven FBISD high schools can gain access to advanced CTE programming. Programs of study at this location include Agriculture and Natural Resources, Architecture and Construction, Arts & Audio/Video Technologies & Communications, Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Culinary Arts, Health Science, Information Technology as well as Law & Public Safety.

Students were busy exploring The Shop at Reese Center’s automotive Enterprise Learning Lab — known as The Shop — peering under multiple vehicles’ hoods to inspect them for oil changes, state inspections and alignments that they could perform for the community.

Fine Arts

Fort Bend ISD schools provide elementary music and visual arts programs on an ongoing basis, taught by trained specialists who deliver an enjoyable educational experience to their students.

FBISD’s fine arts programs aim to foster creativity while equipping students to reach their full potential, providing opportunities without limits or limitations. Under James’ leadership, performing groups from FBISD have garnered state and national acclaim.

The District’s Visual Arts curriculum offers students an engaging and comprehensive education to increase art skill, study Art History and Culture and foster creative and flexible forms of thinking as they develop critical-thinking abilities while appreciating all aspects of visual art. Students explore both traditional and contemporary methods of creating artwork to increase self-concept.


Fort Bend Independent School District provides opportunities for student athletes to develop responsibility, values and sportsmanship through athletic participation so that their futures may surpass any preconceived limits. Along with competition opportunities, FBISD’s athletic program also serves as an invaluable learning resource that enhances students’ overall educational experiences.

Before participating on any school sports team at RTMS, student athletes must complete all online Rank One forms and medical history forms as well as obtain a physical from a healthcare professional. When accessing the electronic versions of these documents please place a zero before your student ID number to access these electronic Rank One forms.

The new FBISD app gives fans an easy and efficient way to stay up-to-date with the latest information and news regarding all their favorite teams, with real-time breaking news, game broadcasts, upcoming events, rosters and rosters all conveniently provided within this one app.

Student Recruitment

Fort Bend County is one of the fastest-growing regions in Texas, and families move here daily to take advantage of its exceptional school district, FBISD. Our Talent Acquisition team is responsible for forecasting and planning talent intake as well as recruiting, sourcing, and holding recruitment events.

FBISD offers innovative programming options at the high school level in addition to traditional academic courses, including two pathways in technology and an Early College High School model that provides students with an innovative blend of high school and college coursework enabling them to earn up to 60 hours or two years worth of tuition-free college credit while simultaneously earning their high school diploma.

FBISD Athletics strives to empower student athletes with responsibility, values, sportsmanship and teamwork through sports participation so that they may realize futures beyond their dreams.

Extended Day

In 1987-88 and 1990-91, public and private schools with higher minority student populations offering extended day programs were significantly higher than low minority ones (table 1).

Children participating in Extended Day are provided a safe and structured environment on school campuses, where they receive daily academic assistance as well as engaging in enriching activities that further their education.

This program operates only during school days and closes at 7:00 PM. Students in Pre-K4 to Grade 8 report directly to their classrooms when arriving on campus for each new school day, being led into their rooms escorted by staff members.

Parents must sign their child out and present a picture ID to Extended Day staff prior to leaving campus. Any changes made in an Extended Day schedule incurs a $25 charge per request.

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