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Legal self-protection devices in London to safeguard your Jewellery

Legal self-protection devices in London to safeguard your Jewellery

Most people love wearing jewellery on special occasions. Certain jewellery ornaments such as those made of precious metals and stones like gold, diamonds and platinum can cost you a large sum of money. Because of their worth in the market today, expensive jewellery is liable to theft. Therefore apart from investing in the jewellery, you should also invest in adequate insurance and take appropriate measures for their protection.

Protecting your jewellery is important because of the hard earned money you have spent on them. Additionally, certain jewellery items such as your wedding ring Hatton garden may hold emotional value and may be too precious to lose.  Also, a thief when determined to steal from you may do you harm in the process of snatching the precious jewellery items to you. Therefore, taking measures to protect your jewellery is important not just for safeguarding the jewellery but for your own protection as well. If you are thinking of items to protect your jewellery with then listed below are a few that you can invest in.

Pepper spray

A pepper spray is a useful device that can be used for self-defence and for the protection of your jewellery. It is a solution made of capsaicin which when sprayed on to the perpetrator causes inflammatory effects on the eyes causing it to close and thereby impairing the vision of the perpetrator. A pepper spray can spray up to a 10 feet range and a single bottle can spray up to 25 bursts giving you adequate time to call for help. Some sprays can leave a UV dye on your assailant for easy identification by the concerned authorities. It is an important self defence device that everyone should have whether you are wearing expensive jewellery or not.


If you want to keep your jewellery or money safe at home then you can do so by installing a vault inside your house. A vault is a safe space where you can store your precious items and be sure that it will remain safe from thefts. A vault is usually password protected and cannot be opened otherwise. Make sure to keep a password that you can remember and one that cannot be easily deduced. This will ensure that your precious personal items are safe This will ensure that your precious personal items are safe

Personal alarm

One of the best ways to deter your attacker from stealing your precious jewellery such as sapphire engagement rings hatton garden is to bring attention to what they are doing. A personal alarm will do that for you. This alarm is basically a secret siren that is incorporated in a keychain that you can carry anywhere you go. Whenever you feel threatened, you can set off this alarm just by the touch of a button. The inbuilt alarm will deliver a piercing siren that can be heard from 1200 feet away and attract attention to the attacker. You can also turn off the alarm with a touch of a button.

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