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Walking Tall: A Dive into the World of Platform Boots

Platform Boots

Platform boots: because who needs stilts when you’ve got seven inches of faux leather and rubber beneath your feet? From the sky-scraping platforms of the ‘70s disco era to today’s gothic grunge revival, these boots were made for…well, not walking, but definitely for turning heads.

A Brief Stomp Through History

The ‘70s: Platforms were the kings of the dance floor. As disco beats pulsed, so did the inches of everyone’s favorite footwear.

The ‘90s: The Spice Girls took platforms to new pop culture heights. If Posh Spice could dance in them without tripping, so could we, right?

The 2010s and Beyond: The platform resurgence. With a sprinkle of gothic charm, punk rock vibes, and streetwear chic, platforms are back and higher than ever.

The Levels of Lift: An Overview

  1. “Baby Platforms”: Ranging from 1 to 2 inches. Ideal for those just dipping their toes (pun intended) into the platform world. Think of them as platform training wheels.
  2. Mid-Sized Monstrosities: Between 3 to 5 inches. The perfect balance for the girl who wants some altitude but also values intact ankles.
  3. The “Do I Need Oxygen Up Here?” Platforms: 6 inches and above. For the daring souls who view the world from a higher plane. Literally.

But Why, Just Why?

1. Heightened Ego: Nothing screams “I’m a diva, and I own it” louder than striding into a room with your head in the clouds, courtesy of your boots.

2. It’s Art: With platforms, it’s not just about adding inches; it’s a design statement.

3. The Illusion of Longer Legs: Why book a leg-lengthening surgery in Russia when you can just lace up some platforms?

Styling Your Sky-Highs

1. Edgy Elegance: Pair your platform boots with a sleek all-black ensemble. Think tight black jeans, a fitted tee, leather jacket, and dark shades.

2. Gothic Goddess: Long, flowy dresses in dark colors or velvets combined with some chunky silver jewelry. Your boots? The cherry on top.

3. Retro Revival: High waisted bell-bottom jeans, a tie-dye tee, oversized sunglasses, and a headband. Your platforms will time-travel you right back to Woodstock.

4. Casual Chic: A flirty sundress, denim jacket, black mini-skirt and your trusty platforms. A look that screams, “I’m effortlessly stylish, but also tall.”

Platform Boots & Drag Queens:

Platform boots, with their gravity-defying inches and unapologetic drama, have been a defining accessory for many a drag queen. There’s just something about the way they amplify every strut and every sashay. It’s not just footwear; it’s a power move on the runway.

Why Platform Boots are a Drag Staple:

The Height Factor: Drag is all about elevation. Elevation of style, persona, and literally, height. Platforms offer that towering presence, which makes every performance larger than life.

Legs for Days: Drag queens celebrate the body in all its forms. Platform boots, when paired with a short number or even just fishnet tights, give the illusion of endlessly long, seductive legs.

Drama, Drama, Drama: Drag is theater, and what’s theater without a little drama? A platform boot, especially those that go up to the thighs or are bedazzled with sequins and studs, adds that touch of extravagance to an outfit.

Balance & Proportions: Believe it or not, platform boots can actually make it easier to walk in heels. The platform under the ball of the foot offsets the height of the heel, bringing a modicum of comfort. When you’re performing a lip sync for your life, that balance can be a lifesaver!

An Ode to History: Drag has roots in challenging societal norms and breaking boundaries. Platform shoes, with their rich history from the courtesans of Venice to the glam rockers of the ’70s, echo the same sentiment. It’s not just about looking fabulous; it’s a nod to a long line of non-conformists.

Platform Boots and Much More

Platform boots are not just shoes. They’re a statement. A mindset. An orthopedic challenge. From the infamous Vivienne Westwood pair that took down Naomi Campbell in the ‘90s (don’t worry, she laughed it off) to the latest outrageous designs of today, platforms demand attention.

So, next time you’re teetering on the edge of buying those 7-inch platforms, ask yourself: do I want to elevate my style and my perspective? If the answer is “yes,” then take the leap! And maybe keep a first aid kit nearby… just in case.

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