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Features of Gangnam Shirt Room

Gangnam Shirt Room is a prestigious entertainment facility.

It is a facility officially licensed as a Gangnam Class 1 entertainment facility. Unlike Type 2 companies, Type 1 companies can hire employees and have a Grade A manager. Therefore, we recommend that you have a good time at a first-class facility like us, rather than a cumbersome second-class facility.

Selection of available rooms

At the room salon, quality managers are always on hand to visit you at any time. If you have a partner you like, please contact us before you come.

Honest price

Gangnam Room Salon does not charge rip-offs. We welcome first-time customers and long-time patrons at the same price and service.

Best quality service

Our management and strong professional employees are always doing our best to create a comfortable and enjoyable place for our customers with kindness and warmth.

Our service

Benefits for VIP Salon “Konan Shirt Room Salon” members will continue.

Wherever you visit karaoke in the Gangnam area, the Marriott team will be with you. Discover more ways to earn and use points.

It is a room salon service that you can enjoy as much as you like after coming to the store. Please request the number of people waiting and additional charges (alcohol and other meals) at the time of booking.

Anywhere, Anywhere Instant Benefits Membership hierarchy is no joke. You can earn points and enjoy special benefits by visiting karaoke such as Ten Cafe, Leggings Room and Shirt Room in the Gangnam area. Sign for free today.

Minimum charge. Warranty is provided. Discover rare warranty opportunities. The high kick minimum rate guarantee is by far the best. If you book your “Visit Shirt Room” directly from our website, we always guarantee the lowest rates.

Premium Healing Center

Selling High Kick is No. in Gangnam. With the belief that quality sisters and customers come first, we are in charge of various gatherings and fun places.

Magic Mirror Selection Guide

This is a new concept selection system that is popular these days, with the highest retention rate for girls and the highest water quality satisfaction. Currently NO.1 90-130 people every day, please choose a comfortable job.

Event price

  • Event price (entry before 8 pm)
  • Free basic liquor
  • 300,000 won per person
  • Sake + beer + menu = unlimited
  • (Select a 2-hour full-time mirror)

Price guide

  • Regular price (admission after 8 pm)
  • Per person: 380,000 won
  • 2 people or more: 350,000 won
  • Sake + beer + menu = unlimited

Pool salon baseball field system

  • Selection of magic mirror
  • Table time 60 minutes
  • Bonus time 40 minutes

What is Gangnam Shirt Room Bikini Room Choice?

As a national representative of Gangnam entertainment facilities, our 강남 셔츠룸facility is highly regarded in Korea’s entertainment Mecca Gangnam. There are many facilities in Gangnam, such as a transformed shirt room, leggings room, bikini room, and lingerie room.

The Gangnam Shirt Room is often visited for important business, but it is also a comfortable and enjoyable place even when looking for a drink.

For business success, Gangnam Leggings Room is always doing its best to provide the best service and comfortable and comfortable place.

Gangnam Station Shirt Room Athena follows strict COVID-19 quarantine rules.

■ Facility information

  • Minibar refrigerator, microwave oven, hot / cold water purifier, wine glass, simple furniture
  • Good sound quality speaker + amplifier as it is an audio device, you can enjoy music.
  • You can spend comfortably with the latest air purifier.
  • A relaxing sofa
  • You can contact us from KakaoTalk
  • You cannot stay in the room.
  • Equipped with a clear beam projector and desktop premium speakers!
  • Weekly corona-related quarantines for the safe room saloon system.

■ Notes on reservation

  • Please call directly from the shirt room reservation page.
  • Eating out and alcoholic beverages are allowed!
  • Indoor Space Mirror Choice (Mirror Room) is a non-smoking area.
  • If you would like to extend the table time, please contact us in advance.
  • Early reservations on Fridays and Saturdays will be closed, so please contact us in advance.
  • Pick-up service is only available in the Gangnam area.
  • A CCTV for fire and crime prevention is installed.
  • There is a parking lot in the tower bullet of the building

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