Relaxing massage is not only an anti-stress lotion, it also has many advantages. The ability to improve blood circulation, release endorphins to improve overall well-being or improve the appearance of the skin to make it look healthy.

There are times when you feel especially tired and stressed. Autumn is one of the most difficult periods. Returning to everyday life after holidays, work duties and busy schedules, cold and related discomfort or a cold, or the return of the children to school. In short, many situations make us feel like we can’t get it all and that we need an escape route.

If you find yourself in any of these situations. First of all, you are not alone. It is often a difficult time for everyone and we must adapt to the harmony of work and private life. Thanks to these physical manipulations, we can derive many benefits, but above all, it is a moment to break away and fight the stresses of everyday life.

This post explains all the benefits of this type of body therapy, so keep reading. We guarantee that they will be addictive!

Reduce stress

A healthy man with a healthy body. And that old affirmation is still relevant today because a relaxed and calm body and mind face each day and have more resources to make better decisions. In addition, a relaxing 안마 promotes the release of endorphins that improve mood, promote general well-being and lower the level of hormones released in response to stress. Consequently, it is a great resource for taking care of you and enjoying a general sense of high self-esteem.

The source of the beauty of the skin

In addition to creating a sense of joy and well-being, massage also contributes to the improvement of the skin’s condition in various ways. On the one hand, the skin temperature rises and aging is delayed. It also has the ability to increase blood flow, transport nutrients to cells, reduce pollution and make the skin elastic and firm.

Muscles, bones, joints

As we have already mentioned, everyday stressful situations cause contractures, back pain, muscle pain, forcing our body to work. Thanks to massage you will benefit from it in many areas, especially muscles, bones and joints. In the case of muscles, it helps to oxygenate them. It works in the bone by stimulating the surrounding tissues, improving the metabolism of the surrounding area. It supports the removal and prevention of adhesions caused by fluids accumulating in the tissues and particular spaces in the joints. It also helps to release endorphins as it tones and relaxes the nervous system. Endorphins, as mentioned above, also help fight pain as an ally to their well-being.

Improve sleep

Exposure to daily stress, worry, anxiety and other situations can make it difficult to fall asleep at night. This sleep challenge can be interrupted with a relaxing massage that prepares the body for midnight sleep, improving blood circulation, removing toxins, lowering blood pressure, and relaxing muscles and nervous system. Forget about reviews forever!

Drainage effect

The relaxing massage also has a healing effect on the lymphatic system. Its action stimulates drainage of the body, supports lymphatic circulation and improves swelling, inflammation and fluid retention. Additionally, after the massage, the amount of urine increases and sodium chloride, nitrogen and phosphorus are removed accordingly. Everything is an advantage!

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