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Pressing the self-cleaning button on your oven seems like a feature of convenience—surely it must be the easiest way to clean your oven. And if the manufacturer built it into the product, that must also mean it’s safe, right? But as it turns out, using this feature could lead to unwanted problems and costly repairs.

The Common Issue with Self-Cleaning Ovens

A common call that Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa technicians answer for home repairs is for ovens that stop working after the self-cleaning feature has been used. Our skilled Ottawa appliance repair technicians strongly advise against using the self-clean option on your oven because the temperatures within the oven get so hot that the internal electrical components break. On a daily basis, we get calls from frustrated Ottawa residents who have used their oven’s self-cleaning option and then need an oven repair service.

Why You Shouldn’t Use the Self-Clean Oven Function

1. It Can Damage Your Oven’s Parts

Running the self-cleaning function on your oven can cause damage to its parts. During the self-cleaning process, the oven uses temperatures hot enough to burn out wires and control buttons or warp important oven heating elements. Pieces like the locking mechanism on the door, the thermostat, and the control touch panel are also at risk.

2. It Can Cause Harmful Emissions and Smoke

The high heat of the self-clean process is meant to burn off any food particles, crumbs, and spills in the oven. This means that leftover food and liquids, especially sugary substances, can lead to smoke and fumes seeping out of the oven and filling the kitchen. Dangerous carbon dioxide can also be released. The exhaust fan above the stove won’t be strong enough to clear the air, and these fumes are harmful to people and pets.

3. It Doesn’t Actually Clean It Completely

The self-cleaning function runs the risk of making your cleaning project more difficult due to the high heat. Food debris inside the oven that is not burned off may become cemented in the oven, which will require additional scraping and work to remove.

4. It’s Simply Too Hot

In order for the self-clean function to work, the internal temperature of the oven can reach a scorching 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This can cause the exterior of the appliance to heat to a temperature that is dangerous to the touch. An oven running at an extremely high heat for several hours can also pose a fire hazard.

A Safer Alternative

Instead of using the self-cleaning function, clean your oven with a natural method like vinegar and baking soda. This approach is safer for both your oven and your household.

Need an Ottawa Oven Repair Service?

If you do need an Ottawa oven repair service, Doctor Appliance Repair Ottawa is here for you. We provide free service call diagnostics with every oven repair service. Call 613-606-6038 today if you have used the oven’s self-cleaning option and now your oven is broken.

By taking these precautions, you can avoid the hassle and expense of an Ottawa oven repair service and keep your appliance running smoothly.

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