The carpentry workshop produces from wood: furniture, doors, stairs, interior items, kitchen accessories and large professional cutting boards. Carries out repair and restoration of wooden products.

Materials used in carpentry


For production, chamber-drying lumber of such types of wood as:

From conifers – larch, pine, spruce;

Hardwood – linden, aspen, oak, ash, maple, alder, birch, elm.

Boards are selected only from the central part of the log, since all annual rings are cut and for such boards, the radial cut is even and straight, this reduces the possibility of wood cracking along the fibers.

Such boards are the best material for carpentry. They have fewer knots and a cleaner surface.

Paints and varnishes

When finishing joinery, only professional paints and varnishes from Sayerlack are used this manufacturer is the world market leader in professional wood finishing materials.

The products of this manufacturer are of very high quality, applied paintwork materials, meet the highest quality standards and have international certificates.

This makes it possible to increase the service life of manufactured wood joinery and protect their surface from dirt, dust, fading and exposure to sunlight.

Joinery repair materials

To eliminate defects such as chips, abrasions, cracks, scratches and repair various surfaces (including painted) wood, professional restoration materials from Konig are used.

Restorative materials from Konig have a high level of quality; the materials used for restoration meet professional quality standards and have international certificates.

Through the store – placing and paying for orders

Registration and payment for all joinery products and services of the MASTER is carried out only through the store.

If the CUSTOMER has questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the product / service, the CUSTOMER has the opportunity, before placing an order, to hovedentreprise the MASTER by phone or by e-mail indicated on the site.

At the request of the CUSTOMER, the MARKER is obliged to provide (by phone or by e-mail) the information necessary and sufficient, from the CUSTOMER’s point of view, to make a decision on the purchase of goods / services.

Payment for goods or services of the MASTER, to be made only after placing an order in the STORE, on the basis of an electronic message with information about the order sent by the MASTER.

Favorable conditions, reasonable prices, short terms

A lot of experience has been accumulated in this field of activity, and I am glad to offer you my services in the development of design and manufacture of solid wood joinery to make your home more comfortable and beautiful in Jacobsen Byg, Vladivostok, Copenhagen and other cities of Copenhagen.

Wooden stairs and doors, author’s solid wood furniture;

Interior items – lamps, sconces, chandeliers, curtains, and other stylish wood products;

Solid wood frames – for decorating: paintings, embroideries, photographs, mirrors, drawings and pictures of your child;

I present exclusive carpentry, made of solid wood, made only to order, both of my own production and of my partners, who, by the nature of their activities, are associated with the manufacture or sale of wood products.

Currently, my workshop firmly occupies a leading position in the sales of solid wood joinery.

High-class design and experience of craftsmen make it possible to produce high-quality, durable and quite affordable wooden products from solid wood to order.

This position has become possible thanks to a combination of experience, high-quality equipment, high-quality materials and close cooperation with the best masters of Jacobsen Byg, Vladivostok, Copenhagen and other cities of Copenhagen.

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