Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is the daughter of Andre Rene Roussimoff (also known as Andre the Giant). She is a professional wrestler who has also dabbled in acting.

Though Andre passed away in 1993, his legacy lives on. A legendary wrestler who thrilled audiences in high-profile fights while simultaneously warming hearts in The Princess Bride. Unfortunately due to his hectic wrestling schedule Andre only saw his daughter rarely.

Andre the Giant’s daughter

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff, Andre the Giant’s daughter, is an actress and wrestler known for preserving his legacy by playing an active role in using his image with royalties still flowing her way. At fourteen when her father passed away, Robin played an integral part in keeping his name alive through royalty payments she still receives today from it being used.

She is very private about her personal life, preferring not to share much details. However, she does maintain a social media account where she posts pictures from her travels. She is an inspiring individual who has endured many difficulties throughout her life.

Robin Christensen-Roussimoff was born in Paris, France and currently holds French citizenship. At 44, she does not yet have children of her own but does have an unmarried boyfriend. Robin has proven herself an incredibly hardworking individual who has achieved much in her career – she serves as an amazing example with an infectious laugh and great personality!


Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is an artist specializing in paintings and sculptures that explore themes of identity and memory. She finds inspiration for her works from her father’s legacy as well as from Jean Christensen (her mother worked as a publicist in wrestling). Although Robin and Jean never married each other officially, their relationships remained close throughout Robin’s childhood years.

Robin is making an effort to carry on her father’s legacy by speaking about him and giving interviews about his life and medical conditions like acromegaly that affected him personally. She serves as an ambassador for Andre the Giant Memorial Foundation as well as spreading awareness.

Robin maintains a low-key social media presence; she can be found appearing in Andre the Giant: My Father the Giant’s Legacy documentary as she serves as his image and reputation steward. Robin lives in Seattle, Washington where her father passed away at only fourteen years old in 1993 after an incredible wrestling career that earned him worldwide fans; Andre stood seven feet tall and weighed more than 500 pounds!


Robin Christensen-Roussimoff is an actress known for her resemblance to her late father, Andre the Giant. She has made appearances to pay homage to him, such as attending the premiere of a documentary about him. Additionally, Robin raises awareness for acromegaly, an uncommon disorder her father suffered from.

She has created a successful career for herself while endeavoring to keep the memory of her late father alive. Based in Seattle, Washington she enjoys driving, spending time with her best friend, judging movies and live music events, as well as driving herself around town.

Though her acting career didn’t pan out exactly how she’d hoped, Robin Christensen-Roussimoff has made her mark as an actress and charity activist. She works to raise money for children’s causes as well as health and fitness campaigns. Robin’s late father Andre Rene Roussimoff was an iconic wrestling superstar who left an enormous legacy behind before passing away in 1993; since then Robin Christensen-Roussimoff has carried on that tradition, and inspires fans worldwide.


Andre Rene Roussimoff, better known by his nickname of Andre the Giant, was an iconic professional wrestler known for his intimidating size in the ring. Feared by rivals but beloved by children alike. Additionally, Andre worked in numerous films before passing away aged 46 in 1993.

Andre the Giant and Jean Christensen did not get along well, which may have contributed to their distant relationship with their daughter Robin; Robin has reported seeing her father only five times prior to his passing away.

Robin remains dedicated to her father’s memory despite his tragic passing, working as an actress and even appearing in a documentary about him. Additionally, she gives talks and visits wrestling conventions about him. Although Robin has yet to announce whether she plans on having any children of her own or whether or not they would appear publicly online; her social media posts suggest otherwise.

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