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Detailed Notes On Dog Boarding Bangkok




If you’re a dog lover in Bangkok then you’ll be aware of how difficult it is to give your dog the space and time they need to thrive.

Many parks aren’t allowed to allow pets, and the dog parks that exist appear to be closing with a speed of knots and the roads here don’t seem to be conducive to leisurely afternoon walks.

However, there’s a brand new doggy daycare that’s Western-style and a boarder that’s looking to change everything: Unleashed BKK.

Unleashed can be found within Thonglor Pet City next to the Rama IX branch of Thonglor Pet Hospital.

The location couldn’t be better: it’s right next door to a dog swimming pool and a massive, secure dog park that’s got plenty of shaded spots and plenty of space for your dog’s run in pursuit, chase, and fetch until their hearts’ content.

For example here’s the current schedule of Wagging Wednesday’s schedule:

  • 7am-9am Breakfast and arrival
  • 9am-10.30am: No-cost play
  • 10:30am-11am: Snack time
  • 11am-12pm The outside fun and agility
  • 12:15pm-1.30pm: Lunchtime
  • 1.30pm-3pm: Naptime and TV
  • 3pm-3.30pm: Garden time
  • 3.30pm-4pm: Freshen up
  • 4pm-5pm: Playtime and goodbye

Swimming can also be scheduled at least one time per week.

Health* Safety* Comfort

Introducing Bangkok’s Premier Luxury Indoor Pet Hotel. After years of studying, V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok has been designed specifically for your pet’s health, safety and comfort. All this in an environment that is fun and exceeds expectation! The hotel we are staying in is part of The Sukhumvit Veterinarians Hospital and we have more than 40 years of experience in Pet Care Management.
With a team of professional staff who love working with your dogs, V.I.P Pet Hotel Bangkok offers a warm, secure, clean environment that gives you peace of your mind and also provides your cat or dog with a cozy place to stay away from your home. Dog Training Bangkok Playtime every day Leisure walking 2 times daily Treats to get you through the night Private sleeping areas Daily housekeeping High-end quality products Dog Boarding Chiang Mai Spacious multilevel suite Private sleeping areas Private litter box Daily housekeeping Premium quality

About This Deal

Choose from three Options

  • Two nights for $45 Dog Boarding Bangkok in a Deluxe Suite ($98 value)
  • $43 for four nights of dog the ability to board in a Deluxe Apartment ($196 value)
  • The cost is $135 for seven consecutive nights of dog board in a Deluxe Suite ($343 value)

All packages include the option to receive a 50 percent discount for parking at the Paradise 4 Paws lot with complimentary shuttle service from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. There are parking spots near Love Field and DFW Airport. For DFW drop-off, go to Airport resort: 3010 N Airfield Dr.; for Love Field, drop off at 4660 W Lovers Lane. The dog will be taken to resort located at DFW Airport.

The helpful staff at Paradise 4 Paws opens its deluxe dog-boarding suites to dogs who are away in town. After a fun-filled day in the play place that’s equipped with webcams, canines can retire to their personal Deluxe Suite, which is furnished with comfortable beds. Dogs get a nightly tuck in service.

Fine Print

Promotional value expires Apr 22, 2015. Amount paid never expires. Only new customers. Limit one per household. Valid only for option purchased. Reservation required. 24hr cancellation notice required. The pet must be able to use the promotional value for 1 visit. Pet must comply with vaccination requirements and conditions of service. Not valid during blackout holiday periods, including. Merchant is solely responsible to purchasers for the care and quality of advertised goods and services

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Pets Trends

Where Can I Buy Dogs Online?



Buy Dogs Online

In today’s day and age, pet lovers often navigate pet selling websites when seeking a new pet. There are many puppies and dogs for sale and buy websites worldwide, but not all offer inexpensive and healthy options. However, buying pets online becomes a complex task. Keep reading to learn the best five dog for sale websites.

Best Websites to Buy Dogs for Sale

Buying a puppy online is a significant decision. Indeed, it is not an easy task. The initial thing you need to be aware of is that buying a puppy starts with an online search. It does not mean you will ultimately pay for the little dog online. Mainly because some websites help you locate, adopt, or buy the pup in various ways. Understanding the wide range of options can make it easier for you to locate the best site to pay for the perfect puppy.


Classified Ads

As with the newspaper adverts we used to follow in yesteryears, the classifieds offer puppy sellers an opportunity to advertise their pups in front of puppy buyers. To buy the puppy, you need to reach out to the advertiser or the breeder directly since the websites will often have less or no involvement. Most pets listed in classifieds like include dogs, cats, fishes, birds, livestock, horses, and more offered by shelters, pet owners, and registered breeders.


The thought of eCommerce regarding purchasing puppies can be a bit terrifying. But, finding a puppy through eCommerce websites, you deal directly with the website and not the breeder. So, it is only you and the website!


A Marketplace is an ideal option where most are the combination of Classifieds and eCommerce. While buying a puppy, you can reach the breeder listed on the website, make your decision on the ideal pup to buy, and pay the breeder through the site for additional security.

Websites to buy and sell pets

Dog for sale websites is the best bet to buy and sell pets online in Ontario. Here’s a list of top dog sale websites you can consider. Pet buyers and owners often seek new healthy pets on these websites to buy pets. Some of these sites also sell various pet products.

  1. – is a top puppy finder. It is a great resource to locate pets for sale online. It buys and sells dogs online and other animals like horses, cats, birds, fish, and more. Grazzil is one of the classified websites where people post ads to buy and sell pets, search for jobs, services, vacation rentals, and many more. You can easily find the website with the results showing “buy and sell pets online in Canada.” People often use this type of dog selling website to buy healthy puppies as the pets here are easy to train.
  2. – is a unique site to locate the best places to buy a pet. You can find various pet options through the site, like rabbits, cats, horses, birds, and many other pets. It can also help you locate local animal shelters or rescue services.
  3. – is an easy-to-navigate website. Type the breeds’ name in the search box and hit the “Find a Puppy” button. You can then filter the results by gender, price range, location, and other aspects. Each result will crop up with the precise location, breed, and age. Once you select a puppy, you will get additional images, detailed information, the breed type, and more. To bring the pet home, you will need to reach out to the breeder or the seller directly through the website, or you can also hit the “reserve me button” and proceed to the adoption process.
  4. – is another most preferred source to find puppies online. Numerous other websites use it to allow rescue and breeder groups to host their website directly on Petfinder. Entering our location, you can start searching for the puppy you want to bring home. It is also possible to narrow down the result based on age, size, gender, breed, or other options. You can select the most appealing puppy to get additional images, descriptions, and other information, like whether it is good with children or not.
  5. – offers you the list of reputed dog breeders. Many dog breeders list their top dog breeds on this site. You can reach them to buy a pet online through this website. is one of the pet adoption communities where you can adopt a pet and rehome a cute cat or dog.

Watch Out For Puppy Mills

The most important thing to beware of is the puppy mills. These are the places where profit and revenue come over poor animals’ well-being. Woefully, it is hard to detect every puppy mill. However, it depends on you to assist. Some online pet shops might provide you with information about puppy mills. It is good to reach out to the animal veterinarian for the right help when it comes to finding a healthy puppy. Ultimately, it is ideal to meet the pup in person and support the “pet shop near me” options as much as you can.

If you want to read the latest trending news for pets category, then visit General Magazine website today.

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Pets Trends

Which Dinosaur has 500 teeth?




Which Dinosaur has 500 teeth?

Do You Want to know What Dinosaur has 500 teeth Nigersaurus (also called “zhayr-sore-rus), translated as” Niger lizard “or” Niger reptile “was a dinosaur that lived during the early cretaceous period, about 121-99 million years ago?

This unique dinosaur is known to have more than 500 teeth, with only vegetarian food. The Nigersaurus-eating plant was a species of sauropods – the largest herbivores that roamed largely on four legs. Other notable sauropods include the brachiosaurus and diplodocus.

The sauropod was 15 feet (30 feet) long and was said to weigh between 4-5 tons, compared to an African elephant weighing 4 tons.

The origin of the dinosaur is said to have originated from what we now know as central Northern Africa, with many postcranial fossils found in Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia. The remains have been found remarkably within the Elrhaz Formation, in central Niger called Gadoufaoua.

The fossils from Nigersaurus are said to have been first discovered in 1976, but they were discovered in late 1999 after a wide and complete discovery of its remains. The genus is said to contain only one species, the Nigersaurus taqueti, named after French paleontologist Philippe Taquet, who was the first to discover fossils of sauropods.

Nigersaurus model

Distinguishing Symbols
Nigersaurus was named the “masozoic cow” by paleontologist Paul Sereno. Sereno was remarkably quoted in the unusual sauropod, describing it as “the strangest dinosaur I’ve ever seen.”

Nigersaurus Teeth

One of the most important features of Nigersaurus was its 500+ teeth. This unusual herbivorous animal is said to have grazed on food in what is now the Sahara Desert. It gathered food in its large, wide-mouth; and its nose was wider than the back of its head. Paleontologist Paul Sereno was also quoted as comparing the face of a Nigersaurus with a vacuum cleaner.

A comparison of Sereno’s vacuum cleaner is said to be a good idea, with the reconstructed bones showing his mouth showing the near-end resemblance to a household item.

Extensive mucus appears to be a special feeding tool, consisting of four large side pillars, holes in the skull and the bones of the object. The wide mouth included more than 500 teeth, which were said to be replaced every 14 days.

The jaw, teeth and structure of the Nigersaurus mouth were quite unusual. In terms of its jaw structure, it is still the only known tetrapod animal with wider jaws than its skull. Next to this, it remains the only tetrapod to test the teeth that extend beyond the mouth.

This unusual creature boasted a unique dental structure, especially inside the sauropod dinosaur. Dental batteries, something unprecedented in the sauropod family, were found to be another unique feature of Nigersaurus. Toothbrushes appear to be common among mammals such as triceratops, yet they are extremely rare among sauropods.

Dental batteries are known to be the most effective processing tools for those who have a vegetarian diet. They are said to consist of columns mounted upside down and replaceable teeth, whenever the tooth gets old in any of the specified columns it is replaced with an old one, replacing the old tooth. The toothpicks will also be neatly packed next to each other, like a pea on a wall. So dinosaurs house dental batteries can easily have hundreds of teeth, old or new, in their mouth at the same time.

In reference to Nigersaurus, the upper jaw contained approximately 60 columns with a small needle-like needle. While the lower jaw contained approximately 68 columns. Considering the full collection of columns, the nigersaurus boasted more than 500 single teeth, translating into nine sets of teeth that replaced the right jaw.

Nigersaurus’ tooth diversity also falls short of its focus. Having teeth set aside at the front of its mouth would not seem so effective when stroking leaves hanging from trees. Evidence, therefore, indicates that Nigersaurus eats and grazes at a low level. Hence the nickname “the Mesozoic cow.” Well-Read the in-depth detail about What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth A wide canopy can be a perfect help to feed low plants. With so many teeth, the dinosaur would have no problems plowing during the green. Toothpick batteries would appear significant in Nigersaurus when they were ground, each new tooth being replaced every 14 days.

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