As the popularity of IPTV boxes grows, people are wondering what the best IPTV box on the market is. It was discussed a few months ago. However, at the end of January, Formuler, one of the IPTV production giants, launched the Formuler Z8 Android IPTV Box. The successor to the acclaimed and popular Formula Z7 has arrived. Finally, we did a detailed review.

Review of the old Z8

There are many questions I would like to answer in this post, but they were all in my head while trying out this device.

Is Formuler Z8 Pro better than its big brother Z7 and the recently released MAG 322? Is the sale price worth it? Are there any serious design flaws? Will your specs get me out of the water? And perhaps most importantly, is this the best IPTV box ever made?

Stay with me, and you’ll soon learn the answer to everything more.

IPTV Equipment Purchasing Guide

Before moving on to the review, I’d like to take a moment to explain what you’re looking for in the IPTV box. I have tried some of the most reliable IPTV services, but over time my tastes and expectations have become a bit more difficult each time.

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Some people need only the limited functionality of IPTV devices (1080p is fine), but I want to get the most out of the package. A good IPTV box has many technical parameters and quality features at the best possible price.

First, I’m investigating the functions that I took out of the box for the TV screen. If you only have a 1080p display, resolution and frame rate are important because you don’t want to spend extra money on a 4K HDR box. The opposite scenario is also disappointing.

Processor speed

The following list is the processing power. People use TV all the time, so it makes sense to charge it as soon as possible and get everything ready. So what I’m looking for next is a good processor and enough RAM. This will make the display as comfortable as possible.

Internet connection

The next thing I’m looking for is the ability to use the internet. Wi-Fi and Ethernet support is seamless, and additional information about maximum download speeds is always noteworthy. I’m a big fan of external antennas. They provide a great wireless connection.


An IPTV box that runs on Android and supports a variety of apps and streaming services is definitely a plus. It should also work on the latest version of Android. Most importantly, you need to be able to connect instantly to the IPTV streaming portal and support live TV, VOD, and EPG.

One of the less important aspects of these devices is the quality of the build. Precisely constructed enclosures with rugged components help minimize drop damage and extend the life of IPTB enclosures. Also, these need to be part of an entertainment kit, so they should at least look a little flashy.

Summary and features

As you may already know, Formuler is well known in the world of IPTV devices. Many of his models have become bestsellers and have received high praise from around the world. IPTV boxes are known to please those who purchased the first Android device and IPTV veterans who have owned various products in the past. In short, the track record of the Formulator is impressive.

The Formuler Z7 and its improved version, the Formuler Z7 +, have conquered the market with great technical features at an affordable price. Now that the successor to the blockbuster movie has finally arrived, let’s see why the Formuler Z8 stands out.

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