Video ads are picking up pace quickly. You see more and more video advertisements with the passage of each day is simple; they fetch traction. Apart from engagement, video ads also have a high conversion rate, are more shareable, fair well among mobile users, perform better at SEO, convey large amounts of information in a short period, and are being promoted by all social networking platforms.

Through this article, we will list the primary reasons behind the relevance of video advertising and the various ways in which you can create successful video ads. 

The top 3 reasons video ads are the future of advertising:

1. Video advertisements draw and retain more attention

One of the primary goals behind launching an ad campaign is to build a new client base, expand the market, increase sales, and beat the competition. Video ads do this pretty effectively by drawing attention to the business and its products/services. Scientifically, eyes find movement more appealing than stationary objects. Thus, videos are more attention-seeking than regular pictorial or textual ads. As per the statistics, video ads are 27x more enthralling than other advertisement types.

Video advertisements grab more eyeballs, but they also retain them. Videos tend to trigger more emotions than any other form of advertising. Video content happens to be the most shared content on social networking sites. Social media users like, share, save, and comment more on video content. According to Science, the human brain processes video content much faster than textual content. Therefore, videos not only grab more attention but also retain it.

However, some video ads perform better than others. Following are a few tips to make videos that will grab more eyeballs:

·   Create a catchy thumbnail: Many people do that even though it is said not to judge a book by its cover. In a fast-paced world, you do not get much time to appease your viewers. Therefore, you must create a catchy thumbnail. Creating an attractive thumbnail gives you the right headstart. One does not need to worry if making thumbnails is not their cup of tea. You can take the help of a video maker to achieve the perfect thumbnail.

·   Keep the content short and crisp: Ensure that you prepare a precise script before diving into the video creation process. Utilise an ad maker later to edit out the unnecessary parts of your video advertisements. The length of the video ad should be somewhere between 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

2. Videos have higher conversion rates

For the uninitiated, conversion rates refer to the ratio between people engaging with your content and purchases or downloads. High conversion rates play a pertinent role in converting potential customers into real-time consumers. It is proven that video content can hike your conversion rate by 80%.  Since video content offers higher conversion rates than other forms of content, incorporating video ads into your marketing strategy is a must. The following video ad types will help you in incrementing your conversion rates:

·   Commercial videos: Figuring out your USP is the key to beating the competition. Talk about what sets you apart from your competitors in your video advertisements. Creating commercial videos that highlight the functionality of your products in a short duration can be highly assistive in getting new clientele.

·   Corporate videos: Narrate a story about your business’ vision, mission, and the plausible impact. When potential customers resonate with your brand ideology, they buy your products/services. You can create an intriguing storytelling video with the help of an ad maker. It will allow you to add essential elements like music, filters, animation, and transitions.

·   Explanatory videos: ‘How to’ videos work wonders on YouTube. People are always on the hunt for some useful hacks and tips. Therefore, explanatory videos tend to have a high conversion rate. If your products are complex, you can use demo videos to promote them. Explanatory videos are a great way of conveying information effectively.

·   Testimonial videos: You can request your existing clientele to record short clips reviewing your products/services. Testimonial videos are great for winning your potential client’s trust. A video editor will help you edit and compile all the clips to form a crisp and interesting video.

3. Video ads perform better in the SEO department

With search engine and social media giants like Google and Instagram promoting video content, videos perform better in the SEO segment. Since YouTube is an offshoot of Google, Google tends to prefer video content over the others. Therefore, if your video advertisement is relevant, it will pop up first when somebody makes a related search. Here is how you can make your video ad SEO friendly:

·   Focus on your video’s title and description: Look up the trending keywords and use them in your title and description if they are relevant to the content of your video. This is the foremost step in fairing better at Search Engine Optimization.

·   Use relevant hashtags: No matter what type of video content you post, do not forget to include appropriate hashtags. However, you must limit the hashtag usage to twenty per post.

·       Publish your video on various platforms: Not everyone prefers using the same social networking platform. While someone might be more active on Instagram, others might like YouTube more. Therefore, you must post on as many social networking platforms as possible.

·   Seek professional advice: If you are not well-versed with SEO, you can take the help of a professional. Once you develop a proper understanding, you can deal with it yourself. An expert will be able to drive your campaign in the right direction. Hence, you should not shy away from seeking help from a professional digital marketeer.


Video advertisements are gaining momentum with the passage of each day. Businesses that have hopped on the trend tend to perform much better than their competitors. Video ads can help brands gain the recognition they deserve. Therefore, they rightfully are the future of advertising. 

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