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Sports Broadcast Equipment Guide

When you speak the term “해외스포츠중계” to broadcasters, their minds immediately go to a 53-foot-long video production studio on wheels, dozens of cameras, and even more than a hundred cameras for even the largest events, and a rather large number of production crew.

Revolution in sports broadcasting technology

All of this is true, but not the whole story. In the past 10-15 years, a variety of efficient and cost-effective video production technologies have become commonplace, such as NewTek’s TriCaster and Black magic Design’s ATEM Mini production switchers. Combined with built-in or standalone IP video streaming capabilities and the Internet, these solutions continue to have a significant impact on sports production.

In high school, colleges and even university athletics, especially when it comes to Bismarck collegiate sports, the low cost of these tools has revolutionized the cost structure of producing and streaming all kinds of real-time video productions, including sports.

With the rework of the financial equation, suddenly niche sports such as girls’ high school volleyball and NCAA Division II and III track events became available for production, especially using students to turn cameras and perform other production functions.

As such, the technology is constantly evolving, leading to the next step in sports video: live production in the cloud.

Now, instead of paying for production switcher hardware and software, graphics systems, playback servers, and other common live production equipment, you can do the same in the cloud. – So the cost is lowered and the cost of making more sports is cheaper because the initial capital cost was high before.

Cloud-based sports production solution

Sports events, sports producers, or sports production budgets are not alike. However, many productions have in common that they can be grouped into three groups. In other words, it is shooting a high school with no budget/low budget, a university production with a low budget, and a niche sports production. Each creation within these categories is unique, but there are strategies that can be used to solve common challenges.

·         Low-budget sports production:

 If you’re a high school producer looking to use your existing video and computing resources, you’re in luck. Multi-camera live video production is possible at no additional charge.

School activities such as basketball and volleyball can be streamed in real time to the cloud by using two or three Apple iPad or iPhone mounted on a tripod around the gym, RUNTV365 Anywhere software, and the existing wireless internet. Student video producers can access each live stream through RUNTV365 Producer, which can switch live video sources, roll in pre-recorded packages, create titles, mix audio, and even play game-changing videos.

With RUNTV365 Producer , students can choose which social media site and internet platform to use to stream live games, and even create a special version for smartphone viewers who like to hold their device in a vertical orientation.

A previous blog details how to set up RUNTV365 Anywhere and RUNTV365 Producer for live multi-camera video production.

·         Sports production on the lowest budget:

A common question answered by those who have little money to spend on dedicated video cameras with built-in or extra zoom is how to get the SDI or HDMI outputs of these cameras and bring them into the IP domain. is it possible This allows streaming over the Internet to the RUNTV365 Producer sports production workflow in the cloud.

In such cases, a low-cost product like the Black magic Design Ultra Studio 3G Recorders converts the camera’s SDI or HDMI output to Apple Thunderbolt, allowing Mac Book Pros running RUNTV365 Anywhere to stream camera feeds to the cloud via RUNTV365 Producer. There is also a similar converter that allows Android smartphones running RUNTV365 Anywhere to stream SDI or HDMI camera outputs to the cloud.

If a Mac Book Pro computer is not available for each camera, live camera shots can be streamed into the cloud-based RUNTV365 Producer production workflow using low-cost RUNTV365 Networks technology. These include the RUNTV365 Nano for wireless use and the RUNTV365 Era for wired Ethernet connectivity to the Internet.

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