Sports broadcasting services are increasing in mobile broadcasting of ‘TV in the palm of your hand’. It is spurring to win the hearts of viewers through the broadcasting of sports games, which is the killer content of mobile broadcasting. In particular, recently, as services that allow users to enjoy sports without registering as a member or paying separately by simply downloading an application have appeared, consumers have a wider range of choices.

According to the ‘Survey on Mobile Video Viewing and Usage Behavior’ recently published by KT Economic Management Research Institute, sports were selected as one of the killer contents of smartphones. If we look at consumers’ smartphone usage behavior, it is said that consumption is centered on real-time content such as short videos or timely sports broadcasts. The proportion of content consumed on smartphones was in the order of news 15.5%, entertainment 15.4%, and sports 13%.

CJ Hello Vision is broadcasting all professional baseball games live for free through ‘Tiving’. You can use other channels only after paying a fee, but you can use professional baseball broadcasting without registering as a member.

Teabing also supports ‘data broadcasting service’. In addition to team rankings, information such as game scores, top 5 pitchers, win rate, saves, batting average, and on-base percentage is also exported.

It also launched a ‘Sports TV App’, which was organized exclusively for sports channels. A total of 9 sports channels are provided. In addition to popular sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and golf, you can watch professional domestic and foreign sports broadcasts such as mountaineering, fishing, horseback riding, and extreme sports for free. When there is no game, you can enjoy various content related to sports such as sports news and sports highlights.

◆ Watch without registering… Everyon TV

Everyon TV, a mobile real-time broadcasting app jointly established by Hyundai HCN and Pandora TV, also supports free professional baseball broadcasting services. You can watch the game by selecting a channel for each of the nine teams. Some clubs, such as Samsung, are also broadcasting polarized broadcasts.

◆Have you heard of it? Mukbang broadcast! Africa TV

Africa TV Mobile also allows you to enjoy various sports broadcasts, such as domestic professional baseball, major league baseball games of players Hyun-jin Ryu and Shin-soo Choo, who have advanced overseas and national soccer games, without logging in.

In domestic professional baseball, the ‘sports caster’ system was newly introduced to 무료스포츠중계 biased broadcasts by club, where BJs freely unravel their witty jokes. ‘We are providing differentiated broadcasting such as broadcasting.

◆Hyun-Jin Ryu, Gyeonggi-do ‘In My Hand’… mobile b TV

You can watch Hyunjin Ryu’s match on SK Broad band’s ‘Mobile B tv’. Mobile B TV is broadcasting MLB Channel 1, which relays major league baseball games played by Hyun-jin Ryu, in full HD quality with a screen that is twice as clear as the existing HD quality. However, it can only be used by SK Telecom subscribers, and a monthly fee of 3,000 won is required.

◆If you are worried about the amount of data… DMB

 If you are concerned about the amount of data that is leaking through the real-time streaming service, we recommend DMB. In particular, DMB can be a good alternative for LTE-A service users. In the case of LTE-A, you can enjoy high-definition content without interruption, but data usage is burdensome. The ‘Smart DMB’ supported by Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S4 LTE-A has improved picture quality 4 times compared to the existing DMB. Currently, QBS is providing high-definition service, and other relay channels are scheduled to service sequentially.

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