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No Ordinary Sports Broadcasts! Watch With Support On Speed-24

The wind of change is blowing in the culture of watching sports due to the novel corona virus infection (COVID-19). Speed-24 is adding fun to non-face-to-face viewing by hosting a unique joint cheering match for professional volleyball online.

Speed-24 announced that the match between the Woori Card Woori WON professional volleyball team (Woori Card) in Seoul and the KB Insurance Stars volleyball team (KB Insurance), which will be held at 1:30 pm on the 5th, will be held as an ‘official broadcast joint cheering match’ content. .

Non-face-to-face viewing, competing with various contents

Speed-24 has recently created a unique face-to-face viewing culture through online performances such as various concerts and plays. Through mutual communication, which is the strength of one-person media broadcasting, it was non-face-to-face, but it showed a sense of realism as if watching face-to-face.

Speed-24 plans to offer a different experience than before through online cheering matches in sports broadcasting. In this joint cheering match, the broadcast cast of both teams will gather in one place to show a different broadcast than before.

The home team, Woori Card, was relayed by former MCs Beom-yong Kim and Si-hoon Kim, while the away team, KB Insurance, was relayed by caster Koo Do-hyeon and BJ ‘Small Daewoo’, who is showing various contents such as baseball bias 해외스포츠중계 on Speed-24. In addition, on this day, the broadcasters plan to provide a variety of entertainment to users, such as conducting preview and review talks before and after the match, and making promises in case of defeat.

Creating a new online viewing culture through non-face-to-face joint cheering matches

In particular, this non-face-to-face joint cheering match, which was made through the cooperation of both Woori Card and KB Insurance, is expected to provide a different kind of fun in that it is a new cheering match culture in which the broadcasters of both teams gather in one place to cheer. Starting with the match on this day, the two teams will also broadcast a joint cheering match at the KB Insurance home stadium on the 26th.

This day’s match is drawing more attention as it is a match between teams competing for the lead in the 2nd place (KB Insurance) and 3rd place (Woori Card) in the men’s professional volleyball league. As the two teams are exchanging 2 wins and 2 losses in the 2021-2022 seasons, it is expected that they will fight fiercely to add 3 points.

The goal match of the game is also a point to watch.

The broadcast of the joint cheering match between the two teams on the 5th will be available on the official Woori Card Woori WON professional volleyball team Speed-24 station, and the broadcast on the 26th will be available on the official TV station of the KB Insurance Stars professional volleyball team Speed-24 station.

Kwon Young-hoon, head of content marketing department of Speed-24 social media business division, said, “We plan to further accelerate the expansion of sports contents enjoyed by one-person media through cooperation with various sports organizations and clubs, as well as contents that can only be seen on Speed-24, such as special cheering broadcasts. “He said.

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