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The Importance of SEO for iPhone Mobile Apps

Improving the visibility is no doubt the fundamental goal of most high-quality app developers. Today, people usually spend most of their time on their smartphones apps; whether it is shopping, booking a table in the nearest restaurant, doing regular searches, and more. Moreover, numbers of applications are accessible in the app stores. Plenty of apps are being downloaded from Apple App Store on daily basis. More and more devices continue to be sold, and the younger media-hungry generation that is growing up with technology continues to increase their individual purchasing power.

The Need for SEO

However, there is an apparent quandary when it comes to getting your app viewed and recognized by the massive users – how do you manage to get the attention of the masses with over 2 million competitors? The best SEO Company can tell you that mobile app marketing should be your absolute priority. With Google asserting that most searches happen on mobile devices compared to desktops, there are many ways in which your app may surface in searches which further influences the ranking.

“We hope that Search will now help you acquire new users, as well as re-engage your existing ones.” – Lawrence Chang from Google.

You need to understand how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) works if you want your app to get the attention it deserves. This will also help you make more money faster from your iPhone app and ultimately help you to negate some of the application development costs incurred. With that being said, it’s imperative to note that these searches are not just relevant in acquisitions of new users but are also instrumental in retargeting the old ones. Your users might be looking for something special from your app. SEO may guide them back to your app by clicking a particular search result.

The Most Popular App Discovery Strategies

Most users rely on the Apple App Store when they need to install an app. However, not all apps are discoverable through the standard Apple Store. The best SEO companies have explained the reasons to be using Google, direct sharing, and advertisement. Many developers have invested massively in advertisements which have interrupted the standard app search.

We also cannot ignore the malicious activities of sneaky developers who may set little traps to get you to click on their app and unknowingly download# it. That is how other fake apps are found and downloaded, but this does not imply that all apps outside the app store are fraudulent. Similarly, it does not mean that all apps in the app store are authentic. Some pseudo apps may still find themselves in the store regardless of the heavy scrutinization.

A study conducted by Google in partnership with Ipsos MediaCT found out that 40 percent of the apps are found via searches made in the app store. 27 percent discovered their apps from the search engine results. That is to let you know that you’re losing a full 27 percent traffic potential if you haven’t thought much about SEO.

It’s not only the organic search results that can drive app download, but also the search ads. Out of all the kinds of ads used for app installation and promotion, downloads done in the mega-apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Twitter, 50% of these downloads are driven by search ads alone, while the rest is influenced by other types of ads.

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The Primary SEO Ranking Factors for Apps

A good question to ask is: how or what drives my app’s rankings in the search findings? Well, the driver behind the wheel of app searches is the App Store Optimization (ASO) which makes use of keywords, reviews, ratings, and backlinks. The original magic behind ASO’s massive achievement is social media. Social media has always been perceived to be the best way marketers can get attention, so do iPhone mobile apps.

However, there are two main factors that matter. One is the title of the app. You have to be wise and careful at the same time when choosing the title as you do not only want a unique keyword but also need a name that would be easy to remember and spell. A complex name, conversely, will make it hard even for the less erudite to spell correctly making it tough for them to obtain accurate searches.

When names are simple, it is easy to spread the word about them by word of mouth as the people could be some of the best and most reliable search advertisement resources you can come across. Apps with unique names are easy to spread with word of mouth tactic – the best and reliable advertisement resource. Whereas, apps with uncommon titles are hard to reach since people most likely are going to make mistakes when searching. This can further reduce the competition.

Two, it must be short enough. Nobody wants to type a name that is over 25 characters in a Google search. If the user cannot see the entire name, he or she may decide to skip on and look for an alternative. This doesn’t go without mentioning the keywords; the best SEO Company always recommends a few short vital keywords to help guide the search and let people know what your app has to offer in connection to what they want.

You don’t have to write long explanatory sentences to get users to understand that your app is about some few catchy photos and a few target keywords. Don’t just stuff them. Make them a few, as precise, and as short as you can. Keywords can be added in the description, in the title, or in the tags.


The Secondary Ranking Factors for Apps

There are various ranking factors that you may want to keep in mind when looking to get your app in front of your competitors. First things first, the number of downloads matter. The simple rule in ranking is always being ahead. Therefore, the greater the number of downloads, the better. The next step is to check the ratings.

Ones you have the number of downloads, it’s time to check the flock of ratings. A little disappointing fact is that it is not possible to get 100 percent ratings from all your users. That’s okay and Google takes that as human nature. However, constant bad ratings mean that your app is not good enough while good ratings mean thumbs up on the excellent work.


You don’t need to be a business enthusiast or a veteran online marketer to understand the importance of SEO in Apple mobile applications. SEO is a good driver of organic app downloads. By optimizing the app information in order to appear high in the search, you are increasing the chances of having many users looking at your app. We know that the competition is growing hotter and hotter every day get all the services or the help you may need from the best SEO company in Florida, USA today.

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